The 10 Best Nudist Resorts in the World

Only the best nudist resorts in the world can be considered by couples. You can’t take your partner to any type of nudist beach but nudist resorts offer a different upscale experience. The level of nudity accepted in these places differs. Some only require guests not to wear clothes at the pool. Others even host x-rated nude parties. Here’s where to start your clothing-optional resort visits.

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10. Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica

Image: Couples Tower Isle

This location is one of the most interesting when it comes to optional clothing in Jamaica. In the resort, you have to wear clothes. But then, you can take a boat ride to its private island where you don’t need to wear any clothes. Popular with celebrities, this island is ideal for couples.

Amnesties aren’t bad either. The rooms come with a private view area and there are plenty of good meals to choose from. Alcohol is also included, both inside the room and at the bar.

9. Hedonism II in Jamaica

Image: Hedonism II

Hedonism II is another resort that allows all types of adult activities. There are regular nighttime parties mostly frequented by swingers. Open pools are another area where you and your partner can meet others.

The rooms of the resort vary in luxury. While most are luxurious, VIP rooms come with their own Jacuzzis and views of the jungle. When you want to have more fun, the nude waterslides are also a short walk away.

8. Cypress Cove Nude Resort in Florida

You don’t need to travel outside the US to find good nude resorts. Florida’s Cypress Cove can be a good option to begin your nude journey. It has its own remote resort locations where you can be naked on your own before joining the common areas.

Sporting activities are popular here as well. You can play nude tennis and nude basketball out in the sun. Covering more than 300 acres, this resort is the best option for those who like to stay active but in a private location where clothes are optional.

7. La Jenny in France

Image: La Jenny Vacances

La Jenny is a nude resort for the entire family as kids are allowed here. Rooms vary in capacity. You can book a simple double room or entire houses for up to 8 nude guests.

The resort is also one of the largest in France. Covering more than 700 acres, it has a large pool and beach access. It also holds multiple fitness classes such as group cycling. Clothing is optional even if you want to burn extra calories at these classes.

6. Sunland Holiday Village in Australia

Image: Sunland Holiday Village

This is Australia’s only nude resort situated on the beach. It has its own long beach which is the perfect location for nudity. Being without clothes is mandatory here, with the exception of children. But you won’t feel completely alone as its quite popular and you’ll even see different animals running around the resort as well.

If you want to meet other nude people, you can simply visit the resort’s clubhouse. It’s here that most social gatherings are held. This includes parties that can last all night.

5. Garden of Eden Resort in Panama

Image: Booking / Garden Of Eden

As a nudity fan, you want to be as off-grid as possible. Things rarely get any better than in the Garden of Eden. This place doesn’t have an internet connection and there’s no electricity. Without any laptops and smartphones, you are left enjoying the true nude experience inside the resort.

Its amnesties might not include air conditioning, but couples win in terms of privacy. Even the water you use to shower here is rainwater and as a result, this is the raw nudist experience for the most experienced travelers.

4. Naturist Angel Club, Greece

Image: Naturist Angel Hotel

Situated on the popular Rhodes Island, the Naturist Angel Club is a top nudist destination just a short drive away from the nearest town. It also benefits from being a nearby nudist beach.

However, visitors don’t need to head to the beach every day as the resort has its own swimming pool, bars, and restaurants. Rooms here are spectacular as they come with either a mountain view or a beach view. But the resort has a couples-only policy for all visitors.

3. Azulik in Mexico


Azulik is another top place to unwind and relax while embracing nudity. Situated in driving distance from an international airport, it attracts large US crowds, mainly single individuals looking to relax. You can also visit it with your partner as the accommodation is also very good.

You get your own beach-type hut villa to stay in. All of the furnishings here are eco-friendly as they’re in tune with nature. Internet connectivity is limited and the resort is mainly recommended if you’re interested at least in one week off the radar.

2. Hidden Beach Resort in Tulum Mexico

Image: Karisma Hotels

Nudists over 50 can find Tulum to be the perfect destination for clear blue water and optional clothing. The Hidden Beach Resort is a small luxury location where all clothes are optional even at the large pool. Its all-inclusive policy means visitors always benefit from full and free minibars which offer a selection of branded drinks that can be enjoyed even in the room as each suite comes with 2 hot tubs. You’ll need to book your vacation in advance, however. There are only 42 rooms at the Mexican resort.

This unique resort is hidden behind a jungle. It welcomes both individuals and couples and it offers some of the best nudist experiences you can think of. Apart from a nudist lounge are, there are even nude dance classes you can participate in. These might be the best classes you and your partner can attend in a resort when you consider the socializing aspect it opens up as well.

1. The Natural in Willemstad Curacao

Image: The Natural Curaçao

The Natural is one of the best locations for nudists based on its affordability and its open guidelines. You can stay here for a mere daily sum and you can reconnect with yourself and with nature. Most of the amenities here are eco-friendly. The resort even uses solar panels to heat water.

Since it’s centered on wellness, it also allows guests to take part in nude meditation classes. When you want to get active, you can also freely swim here at the pool. The views aren’t bad either and you are bound to get a glimpse of interesting colorful birds for a more relaxed experience. In fact, the entire resort is made with profound respect for nature and for what it represents for inner peace.