The 10 Best Pets For Kids

Some of the best pets for kids are known for being sociable and great friends. Children tend to love all pets as they can play together or simply watch them through the day.

Some of these best pets for kids can also be trained so that they behave better in society and even in front of strangers. Kids can pet the following animals.

10. Tortoise

Tortoises are very easy to clean after. You won’t have to struggle to clean the house as much as with other pets. They don’t smell as bad as other pets and kids can even play with them. You can create a home for your tortoises in an aquarium. Kids can get them out of the aquarium when they want to pet them.

9. Parrots

Some of the best pets of the past few decades are parrots. Sociable and even able to be trained, parrots can be fun for kids. Children can easily pet parrots and they can create a space for them to play together both indoors and outdoors, as long as they don’t fly away. Talking parrots are also a good pet idea or pet gift that kids love. They can teach parrots their favorite words and favorite phrases.

8. Rats

Rats are also used as pets. While considered unclean, you can certainly raise them clean. One of the biggest advantages of raising rats as pets is the social abilities of these rodents. They tend to get used to people easily and you can consider pets for a wide range of purposes, even as pets that can travel with kids to their favorite summer camp or on weekends away with the family.

7. Hamsters

Smaller than rats, hamsters are also cute. But they aren’t as sociable and many tend to be afraid of people. However, it can be very easy to raise hamsters as they eat regular food from around the house such as carrots or potatoes. But you can also easily travel with hamsters given they are some of the smallest pets kids can enjoy.

6. Fish

There are thousands of fish species for kids to grow around the house. If you have an aquarium with a water filter, you can have various fish species right inside your home. Most importantly, there are a few types of fish that can also be used for educational purposes. Some fish are known for cleaning the aquarium and you can use them to teach your kids all about marine biodiversity and marine ecosystems. Kids can also feed their fish on occasion making the activity a bit more interactive.

5. Lizards

Lizards are also very popular and you can raise them in an aquarium. You mostly need to control the heat and the light in an aquarium for your lizards. The bearded dragon is one of the lizards that are easy to domesticate and that kids love. Iguanas are also popular as kids tend to get excited when they see them. But the classic chameleon with its changing colors can also be a very good choice for the little ones.

4. Rabbits

Rabbits are generally very friendly. You can find all types of rabbits including all-white animals that you can raise at home. Rabbits tend to eat many things your kids can feed them. Grass and carrots are among their favorite foods. But rabbits also represent one of the best solutions for those who seek enhanced playing time and petting time sessions. With their soft coat, rabbits can be taken out of their cage or sleeping area for kids to play with daily.

3. Chicken

Chickens aren’t always seen as the top pets to have around the house. But kids can learn social skills and how to take care of a small farm while having chicken. Children can feed chicken and they can also learn how to create their own safe living habitat.

Some chicken is also subject to nighttime predators. This is why kids need to learn how to safely close chickens overnight and let them run around early in the morning. It might even be a good pet to consider when it comes to the benefits of having home eggs for breakfast.

2. Cats

There are thousands of types of cats you can raise as pets. Cats are generally friendly and they offer one of the best profiles to those seeking enhanced petting occasions as cats love to play. You can purchase one or multiple small kittens for your kids to play with at home.

One of the advantages of having cats at home is their rat-killing instinct. Your house will generally be free from mice and rats if you have one or more cats. At the same time, you might even consider that cats tend to smell and they are a bit more difficult to clean after. But the right cats such as the Persian cat are not true hunters, so you will need to look for the right breed for your kids and for your home.

1. Dogs

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. While all not dog breeds are the same, there are plenty of dogs that can raise with kids offering protection for the entire family. Bulldogs are excellent pets for the little ones to play with. Dobermans are top breeds for safety and taking care of your home.

Some of the smartest dogs you can have at home include the German Shepherd. This dog breed impresses with its ability to be trained and to be domesticated with children. Today, kids can learn a lot from walking dogs and from feeding their pooch. It’s the perfect approach to teaching a young child responsibility. Furthermore, kids tend to love dogs on trips.

If you have the right breed dog, you can also go on family trips together. You don’t necessarily need a top dog trainer to have your canine trainer. You and your kids can teach your dog basic tricks to master for life. Most dogs can be trained at home.