The 10 Best Places for Snorkeling in Florida

Some of the best snorkeling trips in Florida don’t require you to drive for hours. The Sunshine State is known for its excellent beaches and snorkeling locations and there are plenty of them to choose from.

Your favorites can differ from one snorkeler to another. For example, couples might prefer other snorkeling trips to families. However, there’s one trip to enjoy for everybody in the following suggestions.

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10. Devil’s Den, Williston

As a privately-owned snorkeling destination, Devil’s Den has a clear visits plan for snorkeling. This unique location is situated close to the town of Williston and its characterized by green leads. Similar to a large hole in the ground, Devil’s Den gets its name from the early settlers in the area. You can take the stairs down to the blue water and you can photograph the blue sky from the Den. Snorkeling equipment can be rented on-site here.

9. Key Largo, Monroe County

If you’re after a larger snorkeling destination, you need to head to Key Largo. Since there are plenty of key attractions here such as several shipwrecks, you might also consider this location for family trips. You can start by admiring fish with teeth here when snorkeling. Barracudas are popular for quick photos.

But you can also consider the location for its Spiegel Grove shipwreck. If you want to explore your snorkeling hobby further, you can even practice your scuba diving skills here. But the location remains an attraction for people and fish alike, especially around the Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.

8. Ginnie Springs, High Springs

As a destination for family trips, Ginnie Springs is top-rated in the state of Florida. Snorkeling is just one of the activities you can get involved in here since its located just next to the Santa Fe River with all of the action it comes with.

You can start your underwater activities here by admiring fish together with kids or your partner. If you camp here, you can also continue your trip by admiring turtles in their natural habitat. Since Ginnie Springs is privately-owned, all of the activities are laid out for visitors. But the crystal clear blue water is the main attraction here as it’s among the world’s best natural diving locations.

7. Silver Glen Springs, Ocala National Forest

Image: Flickr / Paul Clark

If you’re new to snorkeling, Silver Glen Springs is where you need to go on vacation. Known for its warm clear waters, the springs are the perfect location to learn snorkeling maximum depth here is around 70 feet.

If you want others to get inspired, you can also take an underwater camera with you. Among others, you can photograph plenty of turtles and striped bass here. But the location can also inspire you for other activities such as canoeing. All the gear you might need for these activities can be rented on the spot.

6. Phil Foster Park, Riviera Beach

Image: Flickr / Kevin Bryant

Phil Foster Park is not a snorkeling destination for experienced snorkelers but it’s still popular for those looking to go on a relaxed trip. It features shallow waters with an average depth of 10 feet and plenty of interesting species to admire such as octopus and other tropical fish. If you like guided snorkeling, the trail here is just what you’re after.

5. Cape San Blas, Panama City

Image: Flickr / Judy Baxter

If you’re interested in multiple shipwrecks you need to head over to Cape San Blas and the entire gulf area around Panama City. You’ll find British shipwrecks here that inspire Instagram photos every year. But there are even aircraft at the bottom of the ocean here and they can be a learning experience if you’re traveling with children.

4. John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, North Palm Beach

Image: Flickr / Doug Kerr

Known for its rocky location on the Atlantic Coast, the snorkeling destination is among favorites for those who love to see multiple fish species. Tarpon and lobsters are often seen here in their natural habitat. If you’re interested in exploring all fish species, there’s a snorkeling shop on site that lets you get all the gear you need to go out exploring except boats as they aren’t needed here.

3. Destin, Destin Harbor

Man-made reefs and natural attractions make Destin an interesting snorkeling destination that is known throughout the country. White sand beaches are what initially attract visitors here. But the snorkeling community has an impressive history here. Part of this community is involved in offering guided tours. You can book your place on 2-hour and 3-hour snorkeling trips here with other water sports fans.

2. Crystal River, Kings Bay

Image: Flickr / Stacy Dunn

Some of the rarest fish species can be admired in the Crystal River. You may even spot an impressive Sea Cow here which makes a lasting impact with both kids and adults alike. This is a species that is normally seen here around the summer months.

A good reason plenty of unique fish live here is because of the mix of freshwater and salty seawater. There are tens of underwater springs here and they attract various types of exotic fish. You need to be truly passionate about fish to make the most of this incredible snorkeling location. If you’re looking for guided tours, operators such as Golf Coast Expeditions always have boats ready to take you around the gulf.

1. Dry Tortugas National Park, Key West

Shallow waters and Fort Jefferson make the Dry Tortugas the perfect location for newbie snorkelers. Waters are shallow here, mostly between 5 and 15 feet which means you won’t have any issues adapting to the sport even if you haven’t tried it before.

But even experienced snorkelers have something to do here. For example, they can venture off to explore the South Coaling Dock Ruins. The natural colorful coral reefs make the entire location a top attraction for snorkelers traveling from all states. We also recommend taking a day off to check out the Windjammer wreck. This ship has a length of over 100 feet and its certainly an attraction many snorkelers love to explore.