The 10 Best Places to Catch Pokemon in the United States

Millions of players from around the world still play Pokemon GO. The best places to catch Pokemon in the U.S. are largely outside of your neighborhood if you want to join the global phenomenon.

Some of the most interesting locations are known and according to what fans of the game say, the following locations are of high interest.

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10. Disneyland, California

One of the most interesting locations to spot endless Pokemon is at Disneyland California. If you’re traveling to Los Angeles, you need to take a day off to get to the amusement park and get your smartphone out.

There’s are plenty of lures to attract Pokemon here. You’ll find the entire park can work a bit better than other locations. But you’ll notice the biggest crowds always gather around the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

9. Hawaii

You don’t need any other reasons to go to Hawaii apart from its incredible holiday vibes. But Pokemon hunting can be fun here. You can take a short break from sunbathing to venture out to Kapolei Public Library and set your lures. Kissaten Coffee Bar is another popular location on the island that you need to check out as soon as you land.

8. Boston

The incredible city has been known to attract tourists to form all around the world. It now also attracts a special kind of tourists interested in Pokemon. There are good chances of finding Pokemon around any major attraction in the city. However, your best chances lie at MIT and the Public Garden. Valuable locations also include Harvard Square, but it tends to attract a lot more players together with Boston Common.

7. Little Rock, Arkansas

If you’re traveling South, you need to stop in Little Rock at the Big Dam Bridge. This pedestrian and cycling-friendly bridge are where you find plenty of Pokemon, as well as on both sides of the bridge in its vicinity.

Fans recall seeing Meowth and Kabuto here. But the bridge itself is a top destination to hatch eggs. If you visit the nearby Cook’s Landing Park, you’ll find plenty of PokeStops as well. Place your lures here and around the bridge so that you increase your chances while in Arkansas.

6. Houston

As one of the largest cities in Texas and the country, Houston has already placed itself as a top attraction for Pokemon. Our advice is to look for famous landmarks and place your lures. A few good stops within city limits include the Houston Zoo and the Galveston Pleasure Pier. Along similar lines, you can also stop by Kemah Boardwalk to place your lures.

5. Texas

If you’re in Houston, you can also drive to the countryside to catch Pokemon. You’re going to be happy to find 1-2 Pokemon per day, but this has been possible even for those living outside Houston and Dallas. Goliad is a place where positive reports have been heard from.

Most importantly, you need to follow the locations trainers would consider when venturing off big cities. You can take Goliad State Park as an example. This is the place to catch your next Scythers if you’re away from busy cities. You place your lures and enjoy incredible scenery at the same time.

4. Anchorage

If you’re in Alaska, your best bet is Anchorage with its diverse ice-type Pokemon. When you simply walk the city streets, you can find Drowzee easily. These sleeping Pokemon creatures seem to be everywhere here. Jynx and Steel are also common in the cold Alaskan climate. If you’re specifically looking for icy Pokemon you need to head to the Coastal Trail. Multiple PokeStops and Gyms can be found here if you can bear the high winds.

3. The White House

One of the biggest prizes in the game is The White House Gym. You should stay clear of government property but there are interesting Pokemon to find here. Access to the gym is right outside the premises’ fence. But the management of the location is always changing as it’s been snatched up right after the launch of the game. One Pokemon that’s worth fighting for here is The Donald, added by Team Valor.

2. San Francisco

Options are endless in San Francisco. The weather is superb and you can drive, walk, and cycle to major attraction points for weeks. If you’re new to the area, you need to select only the best locations if you don’t want to waste too much time setting up lures.

We recommend starting at the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The nearby Golden Gate Park is a spot for your Gyms. Most players around the area are seen around the Dutch Windmills, which means they’re action-packed.

But you can also venture away from the famous bridge to other attractions. Pier 39 is a popular destination as well. But there are certainly high chances for any player simply by walking around the California Academy of Sciences.

1. Central Park, New York City

If you only need 1 great destination to spot Pokemon, it has to be Central Park in New York. The location is overcrowded with players when rarer Pokemon are spotted here. But given the attractiveness of the park with tourists, you’ll have to make your way through the crowds.

Catching Pokemon is a game of numbers and patience but it’s all about busy cell phone areas that you’re interested in. As an example, you can find Pikachu and Eevee here frequently. Tangela and rarer Pokemon are also seen here.

PokeStops are found in abundance here. You just need to walk the park’s pathways to see them yourself.

The best part is this location is like an oasis of natural beauty in a busy city. If you want a different experience to Times Square (also a top Pokemon destination), Central Park is going to be the place to go. The next Charmander is right around the corner, it’s just about who gets there first to catch it or to pop a Lucky Egg.