The 10 Best Places to Catch Pokemon in the World

It might be unbelievable at first, but people still catch Pokemons today. The game’s still popular. The best places to catch Pokemon in the world include some of the largest locations which even advertise various authorized events from time to time. Here are the best locations for you to catch your next Pokemon.

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10. Sydney, Australia

Most Pokemon players know about Sydney and the Pokemon community within the city. You will find Pokemon around famous landmarks here. From what players tell, good locations within the city include the Sydney Opera House.

But if you’re around the harbor area, it might be worth hanging around a bit more as well. The good part about these locations is that they offer plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby in case you want to take a break from all the hunting.

9. Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand has its unique characters to hunt. For example, if Australia has Kangashan, New Zealand has Relicanth. The city itself is large, featuring a good range of iconic locations. From this perspective, Pokemon Go looks very interesting here.

But being an island also means the country offers new Pokemon-gathering opportunities right on the water. You will have the chance to get there before others if you get your hands on a boat.

8. Cape Town, South Africa

Another popular area in an incredible city is Cape Town. This is where you can replenish your stock or simply go all in to catch your next Pokemon.

Many reports come from this city and players recommend areas such as university campuses as well as more touristy locations such as Simon’s Town.

The city also offers a range of top attractions you can get immersed in as well. It might just be one of the most overlooked Pokemon destinations for international traveling players.

7. Al Sila, UAE

Al Sila is a city in the Western part of the United Arab Emirates. The city is not particularly known for its tourist attractions but it has been reported as a great spot to catch regional Pokemon.

This is mainly due to the split of the game (West and East) that allows players to catch Pokemon from both regions.

6. Tokyo, Japan

No Pokemon list can ever be complete without Tokyo. The popularity of the game here is among the highest when compared to any other city around the world. Players have reported becoming a bit overwhelmed in their Pokemon chase in Japan.

But there are great spots around the city to begin your quest. Our favorite is the Tokyo Tower. Here, you will be joined by other players as well as thousands of tourists that visit this iconic tower every year.

5. Chicago, US

Chicago has plenty of gyms and lures. The place has been known even for spotting some rare types of Pokemon. The Windy City has an incredible skyline and you might even travel there if you live nearby to play and enjoy its surroundings.

The most popular destination to try out if you’re new to the city is the Millennium Park. If you have a bit more patience, heading over to the pier area can come with a few surprises.

4. London, England

London is a world destination for Pokemon fans. If you’re here from the US, you’ll have the ability to hunt your own Mr. Mime, which is exclusive to Europe and which has been reported in London. But the city has a long list of impressive landmarks and you could end up catching Pokemon for days.

Pokegyms are also frequent around these landmarks such as the one at Tower Bridge. Parks are always huge in the game and it might be worth checking out the biggest one the city has to offer, Hyde Park.

3. Paris, France

Pokestops are frequent in Paris. But the romantic French city has its appeal with lures, particularly around the Eiffel Tower.

You can walk its streets to place your lures and it’s often worth walking your way up to the most important landmarks of the city for a few blocks.

Montmartre is another popular area where your chances of catching Pokemon are also high.

2. New York, USA

Your Pokemon quest cannot overlook New York even if you’re not the biggest fan of the city. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is where you might stop first. You can then head over to Central Park and other iconic locations the city has to offer.

However, we like the Museum of Art the most as it combines the technology of the game with unique attractions. You can even catch your flying Zubats around famous sculptures and objects on display. Pokestops with areas to place your lures in are also seen across Central Park.

1. Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles and its large metropolitan areas are perfect for catching Pokemon. With excellent weather almost every day, it’s the right spot for Pokemon die-hard fans. You can catch your Dratini here in a few places around the city. The Santa Monica Pier is a great spot to begin your quest.

But Los Angeles has also been known for other gems. For example, it has been known for seeing Squirtle. However, you might need to expand your area of research. We recommend safely checking the area of Beverly Hills, which might be hard to get around, but which certainly offers its gems as well. Reports in downtown Los Angeles don’t look as promising as those in Beverly Hills.

Pokemon Go is a fantastic experience, especially in the right location. If you are the type of player looking to travel to enjoy a new playing experience, you might also want to check out your local Disneyland (Orlando, Paris, Tokyo, etc). Water-type Pokemons are particularly popular in these entertainment parks around the world. Furthermore, they are probably a good alternative right within the city limits for some extra Pokemon if you want to try a different approach to those listed above.