The 10 Best Places To Eat Cronuts In New York City

Cronuts are the hybrid tasty treat between donuts and croissants. First seen in 2013, cronuts are now made and enjoyed around the world. But the best places to eat cronuts in New York City are also top spots for a good cup of coffee and other treats. Read our list of 10 locations according to their customer satisfaction feedback.

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10. BlissBomb

Image: BlissBomb

335 W 38th St

This place is a real diamond and it’s still vastly unknown to many tourists. It offers delicious cronuts and gift sets which both adults and kids can enjoy. These gift sets even come with their decorating kits. As a result, they offer one of the best experiences for kids who love to choose their favorite cronut topping.

9. Mia’s Bakery

Image: Mia’s Bakery

716 7th Ave

Cronuts can be seen in the window of Mia’s Bakery from across the street. Almost all reviews of the place start with cronuts and just how delicious they are. If most don’t expect them to be fresh, cronuts are always made on the same day at Mia’s Bakery. The best part is you can sample a few of them here and get other sweets to try out at home. Macaroons are at least as popular as cronuts at Mia’s Bakery.

8. Dough Doughnuts

Image: Dough Doughnuts

448 Lafayette Avenue

The place has already established itself as a top attraction of the city. Locals come here for 2 things – cronuts and dough has. The cronuts here are made multiple times per day, depending on how fast they sell out. Compared to other places, Dough Doughnuts is known for its fresh cronuts. Inspired by European Jewish sweets, the place also sells Dougkhas, a type of twisted sweet dessert also served with toping, similar to cronuts.

7. Dominique Ansel Bakery

Image: Dominique Ansel Bakery

189 Spring St

Dominique Ansel Bakery is not a place you visit in a rush. There are so many types of cronuts here that you might end up staying up to an hour just to sample all of them, after all, they were born here. Orange-flavored cronuts are very popular here. Furthermore, you can find all types of filled cronuts at the location which might be worth having a bite from. Café latte is also served here so that you can enjoy your cronuts without going thirsty. If you plan to visit, make sure you’re there up to 9 AM as the best type of cronuts is gone early in the morning.

6. Carpe Donut

Image: Carpe Donut

51st and Park Streets

Carpe Donut’s mobile truck continues to impress through the years. It’s a place where you can buy delicious and award-winning sweets. For example, it offers some of the best cronuts you can enjoy locally. It even has its ice cream sandwich with a twist to sample. But the place is very busy all day long since it’s been featured on the news. You might also know it from New York’s magazine guide to the best mobile truck treats of the city feature.

5. The Doughnut Project

Image: The Doughnut Project

10 Morton Street

If you like to sample different cronuts, The Doughnut Project is the place to visit. This bakery is known for making cronuts in small batches, which is perfect if you haven’t sampled them before. The best bet is to start with the basic sweet cronuts. Peanut butter and jelly cronuts can’t be the wrong choice here.

But there are many other unique cronuts to sample here as well. For example, there’s one with ricotta whip. If you want something a bit more daring, you need to try out the cronuts with black pepper.

4. The Donut Pub

Image: The Donut Pub

203 W 14th Street

The Donut Pub is the historic choice on the list. This shop has been in business for decades and over time, its offer of products has increased and perfected so that it’s also known to tourists. It represents a top destination for those who love cronuts with filling and crumb crullers. But it’s also one of the rare places that make simple plain cronuts and classic donuts if you want to keep sugar levels as low as possible.

3. Alpha Donuts

45-16 Queens Blvd

Alpha Donuts is one classic place that hasn’t lost its charm over the years. If you’re passing through Queens, this place needs to be on your map. It sells all types of foods such as sandwiches. It also has its cronuts with various topping.

Old-school black coffee is also served here. You can consider the place as the affordable cronut New York destination where you can stop for a quick lunch while visiting the city.

2. Shaikh’s Place

1503 Ave U

The historic place can’t rival the big doughnut bakery chains but it has its loyal local customers. The selection of cronuts here is limited, but you will only pay pennies for it. Since pricing is so low, you can even sample a few of them at a time. If you’re visiting Brooklyn, a cup of coffee and a cronut can get a bit too expensive. But at Shaikh’s Place, you will pay the same price as locals and not tourists.

1. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

Image: Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

727 Manhattan Ave

If you’re visiting the city, you need to find a place with both delicious cronuts and that special Manhattan vibe. The Peter Pan Donut & Pastry shop meets both these criteria. With a Polish twist, the place is packed with cronuts and doughnuts you can sample. Indoor seating is available but since it’s in a busy area, you might never find a free table without queuing.

The best part prices here are still reasonable and you won’t have to empty your pockets just to have some dessert. If you’re planning to walk the city streets for the rest of the day, make sure to as for some cronuts to go alongside a couple of fresh sandwiches the place is also known for. You might have extra money for New York attractions by getting food for a day here.