The 10 Best Places to Travel for Valentine’s Day in the U.S.

Valentine’s Day is different from one couple to another. But the best places to travel for Valentine’s Day in the U.S. can make the holiday feel that more special.

From sunny California to busy New York streets, you can choose from a wide range of cities that have a high appeal to couples. Here are the best locations for your next romantic gateway.

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10. Laguna Beach, California

Most couples love Laguna Beach for its relaxed vibe. Situated between 2 of the state’s largest cities, Laguna Beach is perfect for long evening walks, relaxation, and top restaurant experiences. Since it sits right between San Diego and Los Angeles, getting here isn’t complicated at all. We recommend joining a group fitness class which takes place here almost every morning. To make things a bit easier, you can also book nearby accommodation for you and your partner.

9. Lanai, Hawaii

This remote beach in Hawaii is perfect for couples. You can book your accommodation in advance at a top resort such as the Four Seasons. But romance here is not just about the accommodation. Legend has it a warrior committed suicide here after losing the love of his life and there still is some of that mysterious romantic vibe about the place.

8. Beaver Creek, Colorado

Since Valentine’s Day is not always about sun and beaches, you can consider a different approach at the renowned Beaver Creek ski resort. Luxury accommodation is available here but you’ll have to be a bit more interested in what you can do here. You can ski all day with your partner. If you’re not into skiing, you can always hire a snowmobile or simply go dog sledding. At the end of a long active day, you can relax at a glass of wine right next to the fireplace in your accommodation.

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

There’ no doubt New Orleans has charm like no other city. Its streets are amazing just to walk by and take pictures. Impressive architecture is found in any corner of the city. It then takes you by surprise by offering some of the best bars the country has to see. The live music scene here is world-class. You can book a table at a Jazz club. You can even go dancing to your favorite blues band here as there are so many gigs around Valentine’s Day.

6. Calistoga, California

If you feel like getting away from busy California cities for the event, you don’t need to drive out of state. You can simply head to the town of Calistoga, just north of the famous Napa Valley. There are so many interesting wineries to check out in the area that a couple of days are going to fly by. If you need a change of scenery from the wineries, you can always check out one of the local hot springs that help you relax.

5. Miami, Florida

If you want to get away from the cold weather up North, Miami is going to be the best bet. The place is not deserted during this time of the year but it’s not as crowded as during the tourist season. For a romantic experience, you can consider a boat trip with your partner followed by a romantic walk on the beach. You can also consider one of the venues of the city for a Valentine’s Day concert. Alternatively, you can join a beach party if you don’t want to spend the holiday by yourself.

4. Ashville, North Carolina

The city of Ashville is going to offer you and your partner a good glimpse into Southern food. It’s also not going to be as expensive as other destinations around the country. We also recommend trying out different beers here as you can visit several craft breweries within city limits. The city’s hidden gems also include spas that could rival any top destinations for bathing relaxation in the country.

3. New York, NY

New York represents one of the best attractions for Valentine’s Day given the high number of attractions you can explore. It offers the best options for that outside of the city as most of its attractions are known even to international travelers.

You can start visiting Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge. The Statue of Liberty is also a top destination for couples interested in taking romantic pictures at attractive locations. The food scene in New York is among the best in the world as well. We recommend trying out a range of street food alongside Manhattan but you might be tempted by the Italian eateries of Brooklyn a bit more. Extreme experiences such as helicopter rides above these attractions are also available for couples.

2. San Francisco, California

Valentine’s Day cruises around the Golden Bridge are getting more popular every year. The city offers some of the most romantic public transport methods in California which also allow you to sit back and relax while on a budget. But you can consider one of the award-winning wine bars here as well. The parks of the city look amazing and we recommend taking at least a few hours per day to enjoy them to the fullest.

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach is one of the most romantic destinations in Honolulu. But Diamond Head is another interesting natural attraction situated right in a volcano’s crater. But many couples venture off to Mano Falls. It’s the natural wonders that often tend to be the best places for romantic gateways such as the one for Valentine’s Day.

You can even take a quick swimming break here, but you need to watch out for possible falling rocks. But most importantly, you can make the most of the area by trying out different ocean sports. From paddleboarding to kayaking, there seems to be an endless option of sports to try in Honolulu. You’ll have plenty of energy for these activities from the delicious local Hawaiian food.