The 10 Best Six Flags Parks In The United States

Six Flags is a company that runs 21 recreation parks across the country. Some of them are now closed due to the pandemic but most are expected to be back on track when the situation improves.

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors relaxing or even joining various adventures such as water sports or going on roller coasters, you need to visit one of the following Six Flag locations yourself.

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1. Six Flags Fiesta Texas – San Antonio, Texas

Image: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Standing at 205 feet in the air seems terrifying for most people. But here at Six Flags Fiesta, you get 3 opportunities to rise so high above the ground. The Scream roller coaster offers 3 ways to ascend.

It takes thrillers to 205 feet in the air which is the equivalent of a high-rise building. After a brief stop, it starts to descent fast, which is what prompted its Scream name as a reaction.

But being 20 stories high is not the only benefit this park has to offer. It’s located in a dry rugged landscape which almost feels unreal to those traveling from outside Texas.

Since those around San Antonio come here frequently, there are ways to save as a return visitor using discount cards. Six Flags rewards all of its returning visitors.

2. Hurricane Harbor LA – Los Angeles, California

Image: Hurricane Harbor LA

California is blessed with multiple Six Flags locations. The state also offers a top Bonzai Pipelines waterpark experience in its LA location.

A long 200-foot slide is where thrill-seekers seem to be seen at the most. This slide offers a real high-speed alternative to the tall roller coasters down at Magic Mountain.

The Taboo Tower is another interesting attraction here. You can only go up the tower but getting down is a bit more complicated. You need to figure out an old puzzle to be able to move and come back down.

3. Six Flags Great America – Chicago, Illinois

Image: Six Flags Great America

You came to the right place if you like high-speed roller coasters. If regular Six Flags roller coasters around the country cruise at 55mph, roller coasters here are known for dazzling 75mph speeds.

The X-Flight is among the roller coasters that attract most visitors.

The Demon roller coaster comes with a corkscrew design. It carries riders at 75mph and it also integrates technology into the ride.

You can even use VR to get a different experience down these roller coasters. Most of these headsets are made to recreate a gaming reality into the real-world roller coasting experience.

4. Six Flags St. Louis – Eureka, Missouri

Image: Six Flags St. Louis

Often seen as the roller coaster capital of the state, Six Flags St. Louis is where locals like to gather for a bit of themed fun. Bugs Bunny and other cartoon characters are popular here. But Spinsanity is the main attraction of the park.

Spinsanity features motorcycle-style seats faced outwards aligned in a circle.

This circle then spins while the roller coaster starts to move forward. It’s the only attraction at Six Flags that has you spinning while moving up and down at fast speeds.

5. Six Flags Magic Mountain – Santa Clarita, California

Image: Six Flags Magic Mountain

These rides are the most important attraction at Magic Mountain. Inspired by comic book characters, the Six Flags park is among the most visited in the country.

It is estimated that Six Flags Magic Mountain received over 3 million visitors per year before the pandemic which means attractions here are known to be thrill-seekers.

The Twisted Colossus roller coaster is the main attraction of the park.

6. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Vallejo, California

Image: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

The animal-themed Discovery Kingdom in California offers all types of fun activities such as snake-design roller coasters.

Reptiles, monkeys, and even lions can be found here. Animal presentations are numerous throughout the day. But the on-site restaurants are also some of the best in the Six Flags network.

The park is many an attraction for locals and those living in the San Francisco metropolitan area.

7. Six Flags Great Adventure – Jackson, New Jersey

Image: Six Flags Great Adventure

Those only interested in the largest amusement parks in the country need to stop by Jackson’s Six Flags. As the second oldest amusement park in the US, it offers good activities for an extra adrenaline rush.

The Pendulum Ride is what most people are interested in here.

But the Safari Park gets plenty of media coverage as well. The latest attractions here impress even those who don’t expect much from a park first opened in 1977.

8. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor – Concord, California

Image: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

If you’re after slower-paced activities, Six Flags has the right location for you in Concord. You can find various attractions here and Splashwater Island is your first stop.

Feel free to bring the kids as most slides here are short and they make for the perfect place for the little ones to make friends and spend a day outside.

9. Six Flags Darien Lake – Buffalo, New York

Image: Six Flags Darien Lake

If you live around Buffalo, you might be tired of the constant change of ownership at the local park.

But the new Six Flags at the Darien Lake promises to build on old foundations adding just the right new attractions to keep locals interested.

The amusement park is now larger and it attracts visitors together with the waterpark. If you’re simply looking to spend more time outdoors, the Darien Lake Amphitheater can be a good alternative.

But there are other attractions of a national level here. The wooden roller coaster at Darien Lake is one of the highest in the country offering thrills to both kids and adults seeking a faster-paced activity.

10. Six Flags White Water – Atlanta, Georgia

Image: Six Flags White Water

As the largest waterpark in the South, Six Flags White Water can easily be compared to some of the best in the country. There are plenty of fun water activities here for both kids and adults.

The little ones can choose to play in a 500-gallon bucket-style Buccaneer Bay. Other activities here are most suitable for adults.

For example, you can get inside one of the largest wave pools in the country. Six Flags says their Atlanta location has a 70,000 square feet wave pool.