The 10 Best Universities In The World

Some of the best universities in the world drive research and innovation. Their undergraduate and postgraduate studies have offered the world some of the most helpful individuals in almost all areas of study.

Simply enrolling in their courses is a tough job and only a very small percentage of top students are admitted here.

This is why having a diploma from one of these universities is an almost certain route into a private sector or a public sector career of the highest level.

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10. Harvard University

The oldest university in the United States is Harvard University. Simply writing on your CV that you’ve graduated here demands respect. Most of the students here are of an elite level.

It’s no wonder the university created an incredible library here with 18 million books that are almost unmatched in terms of sheer knowledge and original research.

9. ETH Zurich

There are more than 18.000 students enrolled at ETH Zurich. They benefit from the help of over 2.000 academic staff. It is the most important German-space university with high levels of teaching.

All of its undergraduate courses are held in German here and most students are from Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

At the postgraduate level, most courses are held in English. Mathematics and sports are strong areas of ETH University.

8. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago remains a very strong leading higher education institution for a few years in a row now.

It has excellent research results in economics and accounting.

Most impressively, it does very well in English studies as well as in its sociology department.

7. Imperial College London

Image: Wikimedia / Omar Shahpo

Imperial College is based in London England. The South Kensington university made its name with just a few areas of study which include business administration, science, and engineering.

At the research level, it attracts some of the best students from around the world. Since it’s based in London, it also has a wide opening to practical experience in all of these areas of studies in both public and private employers.

6. University College London

Image: Flickr / Steve Cadman

The University College London is one of the non-pretentious world-leading universities with a fast rise in rankings. Research results here are impressive and it welcomes students from all walks of life.

It has some of the best professors and some of the best guest lecturers from all around the world. Its students are also some of the least inclined to guided learning as they are mainly self-driven.

5. Cambridge University

Education can learn a lot from the high standards at Cambridge University. As far as academic rigors go, they can’t be higher than at Cambridge.

First established to rival Oxford University, Cambridge went on to become a world leader in many disciplines.

The university now impresses with research results in the medical field, mathematics, English literature, theology, social sciences, and engineering.

Some of the alumni here know professors are so dedicated that they even sleep in their offices sometimes from all of the hard work they do in their research fields.

4. Caltech

California Institute of Technology is a place of innovation. Some of the best products seen on the market today have been created by its students and alumni.

You can almost guarantee a career in innovation and high-tech sectors if you graduate here.

But the institute also benefits from campuses in one of the most relaxed areas of the United States where the weather always seems fantastic.

3. Oxford University

Oxford University is the oldest English-speaking higher education institution in the world. It might as well be the oldest university in the world with its roots being traced back to the 11th century.

Results in mathematics, finances, engineering, and medicine are impressive here. Some of the best writers in the world graduated from Oxford.

Some of the best teachers in the world are also found here. For employers, an Oxford University graduate seems like pure gold.

For students, a degree here is not only a great pathway to a good career but access to some of the brightest minds in the world who often challenge what we know or what we think we know.

The university is juxtaposed to the city of Oxford as there is no main campus, just universities around the city which is walkable.

2. Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the best places to enroll for studies if you are self-driven. This university is found just outside San Francisco, right in Silicon Valley.

It offers one of the best options for those who want to earn by investing. Google and HP are companies founded by Stanford graduates. The web giant and the printing device giant are leaders in their fields.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Innovation takes a lot of dedication and it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without the minds shaped at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Just think about it.

Apollo 11 astronauts, politicians such as Kofi Annan, the president of Colombia, Nobel laureates, Israel’s prime minister, or the CEO of General Motors are all people with a huge legacy to humanity.

What do they have in common? They all went to MIT.

With strong results in the areas of research, MIT is a place that is increasingly hard to get into. There are only 4.000 students that go here, a few times less than at other universities.

There are 20.000 students at Oxford, for example. But the fact entry requirements are so demanding makes MIT the place where you’re almost guaranteed to succeed.

If you are self-driven, if you like to do your research, and if you have the learning results that would recommend you for an independent university, MIT is the place to be.

Technological innovation is part of the university’s legacy and in some areas, it hasn’t been matched by others. It has been years since other universities are trying to catch up and there’s a reason MIT is still number one.