The 10 Biggest Cat Zoos In The World

Tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards, cheetahs, and the Eurasian Lynx are all big cats that can be seen around the world. The biggest cat zoos in the world bring them together from multiple continents and regions. For many, they represent both an element of fear through their predatory profile and all element of mystery. This is where you can see them in action.

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10. Denver Zoo

Image: Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo was first opened to the public in 1896. It has multiple outdoor exhibits and is run successfully by the city of Denver. It includes all types of cats such as the Amur leopard and the snow leopard. Before the pandemic, the zoo had thousands of visitors per day. More than 2.2 million people per year were the norm at the Denver Zoo.

9. Philadelphia Zoo

Image: Philadelphia Zoo

Lions, Siberian tigers, snow leopards, and cougars are quite popular at the Philadelphia Zoo. Spread across 42 acres, this zoo is one of the oldest in North America. It first opened its doors in 1874, making it one of the longest-running zoos the world has seen. While it has been designed to be spread out, the zoo also features excellent architectural elements with buildings inspired by Victorian architecture.

8. Utah Hogle Zoo

Image: Utah Hogle Zoo

A multi-million dollar investment in the Asian Highlands of the Utah Hogle Zoo makes it an interesting choice for big cat lovers. It’s the home of Pallas cats, snow leopards, Petenka, and Hai. The zoo is located in the winter sports wonderland, Salt Lake City. Its overall surface of 42 acres is impressive, especially since there are only 250 animal species here. This is why these large cats have plenty of room to move around freely here.

7. Rio Grande Zoo

Image: Rio Grande Zoo

Located in Albuquerque, the Rio Grande Zoo has an even larger surface of 64 acres. You can see cougars and jaguars here so the zoo is in line with some of these animal exhibits from around the world. The rare only 200 species of animals here making it the perfect natural habitat for these animals that love wide open spaces.

6. San Diego Zoo

Image: Tammy Spratt / San Diego Zoo

There are plenty of top-level attractions to enjoy in San Diego but not many manage to be as interesting as the city’s zoo. This zoo is even known for offering a separate breeding location for cats and this is why it can be one of the most interesting for these wild animals on our list.

Rare clouded leopards, as well as other types of leopards, can be found here. But the San Diego Zoo is also one of the largest in the world for all animal species. It houses over 600 animal species. But it also represents one of the first locations to offer relaxed open-air living conditions for the animals.

5. Cincinnati Zoo

Image: Cincinnati Zoo

Run both as a zoo and as a botanical garden, all premises at Cincinnati Zoo impress with their size and history. This zoo was first inaugurated in 1875, around the same time as some of the oldest zoos in the world. But this doesn’t mean its location seems old. It even comes with plenty of innovation and the staff here are some of the best in the world since they care for over 1.800 animals. Just before the pandemic, the zoo was already acknowledged as popular as it received more than 1 million visitors per year.

4. Bronx Zoo

Image: Bronx Zoo

Situated in the historic neighborhood of the Bronx, the zoo with the same name is one of the oldest in the US and the world. It has been first opened in 1899 and it represents one of the majestic examples of how much things can improve under good administration.

Over 70 leopards have already been born here. They join multiple other large cats such as jaguars. But a large number of animals here is also worth considering a visit to the zoo. It comes with over 4.000 animals and it can be the perfect location to learn more about multiple other species.

3. Memphis Zoo

Image: Memphis Zoo

There used to be a Cat House Café at the Memphis Zoo but these animals are now free to move around as they want. These include tigers, snow leopards, and jaguars. There are more than 500 species found here from all continents around the world. In total, there are almost 4.000 animals at the zoo from these species. They managed to bring important success to the zoo with almost 1.2 million visitors each year.

2. Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai

Image: Arignar Anna Zoological Park

The white tiger is a majestic animal. This large cat has inspired fairytales, poems, and it has terrified people alike. It’s considered a rare species. But there are 9 white tigers at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai India. They are well taken care of here. Impressively, they are let out in a large natural-looking space during the day but they have to be back in their cages where they sleep at around 5 PM.

1. National Zoological Park, Delhi

Image: National Zoological Park

The Royal Bengal tiger is the star of the National Zoological Park in Delhi. But it has to share its throne with the white tiger as both tend to draw plenty of attention. These large cats are free to move around vast areas of the zoo.

Located in the busy city of Delhi, this is not your typical neighborhood zoo. It represents a historic location as well. It has been opened in 1959 and it can be one of the most important new-generation zoos in Asia.

The zoo is spread out on 176 acres, making truly one of the largest in the world. It now has more than 1500 animal species which you are free to check out and ask about at the entrance. You’ll also find large graphic interpretations of all of these animals at the entrance. This is where you can even ask your kids which animals they’d like to see apart from these 2 majestic big cats. There are plenty to choose from at the Delhi Zoo.