The 10 Biggest Tiger Zoos In The World

Some of the biggest tiger zoos in the world are made to accommodate various species. From the Siberian tiger to the white tiger, you can travel to many zoos around the world to see these majestic felines live.

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10. Ranthambore National Park

This is not theoretically a zoo. However, the national park in northern India is a place that many tigers are taken from and put into captivity. It is also a place where many tigers are observed by scientists. We now know how they eat and how they like to bathe in water. As a result, part of this natural environment is recreated at many of the following zoos.

9. Kanha Tiger Reserve

There are hundreds of tigers at the Kanha Tiger Reserve in India. There are hundreds of square miles for them to run around and live a normal life. Then there’s a large protection zone of hundreds of miles around the reserve. Practically, humans don’t interact with them too much.

On occasion, authorities receive requirements for tigers which are often taken from here. About 20 tigers are about to be taken from here. They are going to be relocated to the Satpura Reserve which also acts as a natural protected area with a zoo status where the authorities are planning to raise the tiger population.

8. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

There are 88 tigers in this reserve. They live among other animals here such as bears. But this Indian reserve is expected to see further tiger population growth as these felines get some of the best prey here.

For example, they have been known to hunt for entire wild pigs here. Since tigers are faster than pigs, it’s the wild pig population that seems to be diminishing here.

7. Haifa Zoo

All types of animals are seen at the Haifa Zoo. But large animals tend to be the most comfortable here. This zoo is the perfect location for tigers that get to live under good conditions as we’ve seen a few polar bears look very good here. You will find the white tiger here. This distinctive feline of white color and black stripes is rare to see both in captivity and in real life.

6. Aalborg Zoo

If you’re visiting Scandinavia, you can head over to Aalborg and its local zoo. Tigers are often the stars of the show here alongside lions. Some of the most interesting aspects of their captivity are the excellent conditions in which they grow. The zoo is also known for breeding tigers in captivity. If you’re lucky, you can see little tigers of just a few weeks old being taken care of here as well.

5. Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden

This large outdoor zoo is one of the leading locations for those interested in tigers. It features more than 100 animal species and this includes the strong felines. It differentiates itself by its strong reputation as a large zoo by physical scale. This means all of the animals have plenty of freedom of movement here. But most importantly, the zoo is also one of the leading locations to spend hours and even a full day at. If you’re traveling to India, it’s going to be recommended by locals.

4. Nehru Zoological Park

This zoo is split into almost 400 areas. Designed on one level, it is mostly situated outdoors out in nature. It is home to hundreds of animal species and it can be one of the best when it comes to historical significance to Indians. It has a history of nearly 5 decades which means its established profile recommends it for all types of visits and even for sharing its animals with other zoos from across the country as it runs its breeding programs.

3. Allen Forest Zoo

This incredible zoo has been set in a large natural forest. This is one of the largest forest zoos in the world. It comes complete with tall long bridges and even with its lakes. Sprawling across 182 acres, this incredible zoo is one of the best locations of its kind to see tigers running around freely. But did you know Allen Forest Zoo has its train line? You can take the train to see the park or most of its well-preserved parts and to have a visiting experience like no other.

2. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

The large Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is not as big as Nehru Zoological Park, but it still covers over 600 acres. This wide-space zoo impresses with its high number of animals here. From tigers to lions, you can see all types of animal species here. White tigers are easily one of the main attractions of the zoo as are Indian tigers.

But this large green zoo is also known for the various feeding shows the staff organizes. You can watch an interesting tiger feeding session here. If you are even braver, you can head over to the snake area to see the incredible snake feeding interval. With a large number of animals on display, the park even allows driving in some of its areas. This is also one of the reasons it’s a popular destination especially for those having fun outdoor with the kids.

1. Arignar Anna Zoological Park

This is the biggest zoo in India, the home of tigers. The Arignar Anna Zoological Park is an excellent destination for those who want to see real tigers in their home country. This zoo has a length of over 12 miles and it can be a top destination if you’re traveling with kids as well.

Tigers and other large Asian animals are seen here in high numbers. The zoo prides itself on over 1.000 tigers and it can be one of the best places to count on when it comes to seeing tigers running in vast open spaces as opposed to being confined in small metal cages.