The 10 Biggest Zoos In Hungary

Hungary is one of the smallest countries in Europe. However, its residents love animals and this can be seen in the larger number of zoos across the country. The biggest zoos in Hungary tend to attract visitors even from neighboring countries.

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10. Pecs Zoo

The zoo in the city of Pecs might be the smallest on the list but it looks great. It also has a few aquariums so you will get to see all types of animals when visiting. If you’re arriving in Budapest, it’s not worth driving all the way to Pecs to see these animals as there are better zoos closer to the capital.

But if you’re in the city, it’s worth visiting. There are also very good restaurants around the zoo if you get hungry from the hours of walking around.

9. Budakeszi Wildlife Park

This wildlife park is located right within Budapest. It offers a unique location deep in a park that actually looks like a forest. There aren’t too many animals to see here but this also means those that live in the wildlife park get more space for them to run around.

Many people come here to eat as there’s a large indoor and outdoor restaurant that serves traditional Hungarian food at good prices.

8. Miskolc Zoo

Some of the most popular animals from around the world can be seen in the city of Miskolc at the local zoo. It represents one of the most interesting zoos for kids as it has bears, kangaroos, koalas, and lamas. All of these animals aren’t native to Hungary and they wouldn’t be able to see them anywhere else out in nature.

Sure, there are only a few hundred animals, but for a small city such as Miskolc, these are enough to entertain the little ones.

7. Bear Farm

Located in Veresegyhaz, this little farm/zoo is one of the best locations in the country to see bears. Most of the bears here are very large which shows just how much good care they get from the farm.

On occasion, you can also see a couple of lions here. But locals know it as the place to go to see real bears.

6. Gyor Zoo

Gyor is a small Hungarian city mostly known for its successful handball team. But if you’re here visiting, you can hop over to the state zoo. It’s a small zoo by international standards but still large by national standards. This zoo can be seen in just a few hours but it does offer some of the best animals to see.

From white tigers to all-black pumas, there are plenty of exotic predatory animals to see here which kids tend to get truly excited about.

5. Veszprem Zoo

The small zoo in the town of Veszprem has a large number of animals. You can see this zoo in an itinerary which would include a visit to Lake Balaton, which is situated nearby.

It has the typical selection of exotic animals but kids can also play with makeshift fossils as well as with dinosaurs here.

4. Szeged Zoo

The Szeged Zoo is one of the few places in the country where you can see the white lion. In fact, it has a growing number of animals which can be admired from a close distance. You need to make your way through the zoo on its multiple pathways.

Most of these look spectacular as the zoos get very good funding and a solid income from ticket sales. A part of this zoo is located in a forest that can be weird for species such as elephants but which is still better than seeing these majestic animals locked up in small metal cages.

3. Zoo Sosto

Located in Nyiregyhaza, this zoo is one that combines all types of animals to offer an inclusive animal kingdom experience. You can see lions and giraffes here but you can also see sharks when you walk through the aquarium tunnel. This can also be one of the most interesting locations to visit in the city.

Since the city only has a population of 100.000 people, the zoo is one of its main attractions. This means it gets really crowded on weekends.

2. Debrecen Zoo

The Debrecen Zoo is situated in the oldest national conservation forest in the country. It features a large number of animals and a decent size by national standards. Unfortunately, it needs urgent funds to grow its cages and to simply offer better animal living conditions.

At the moment, this has the potential of becoming a better state-owned zoo, but it needs to see some form of investment to truly become comparable to Western-standard zoos.

1. Budapest Zoo

The Budapest Zoo is the easiest to access in all of Hungary. It’s located right in the proximity of the city center and it can be one of the best opportunities to see exotic animals in a country where there are barely any wild animals. The zoo isn’t in the best condition but chances are high for it to change.

A new project for the Budapest zoo consists of a large dome structure that includes a zoo and a botanical garden. It would be the first one of its kind in Europe and it would invigorate the entire zoo scene in Hungary.

This impressive project is called Pannon Park and it already sparks interest from Europeans who plan to travel and see it in person. With the help of the second batch of EU funding, the new Budapest Zoo is also expected to see more animals and better living conditions as these aren’t great at the moment.