The 10 Biggest Zoos In Japan

Japan has a special relationship with nature and animals. Some of the best gardens in the world are found here. But this also means that some of the happiest animals are also living in Japan since their zoos are probably the best in the world.

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10. Asahiyama Zoo

This large zoo can be visited throughout the year. You will even see it open on snowy days with animals having the freedom to move around on snow. However, the cages here are small and this means some ill-behaved visitors get to taunt the animals which shouldn’t be allowed at the zoo.

9. Komogawa Sea World

This Sea World is one that attracts Komogawa residents frequently. It has all types of animals from small to large fish. But orcas are the true star of this aquarium. Before the pandemic, daily shows used to be held here where the orcas would have performed some of the most incredible stunts. Today, things are a bit different, sadly. But let’s hope we can see these amazing orcas again in the future.

8. Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium

This aquarium is worth visiting in Tsuruoka when the weather is not so good. Largely indoors, it offers an impressive spectacle of sea life with different lighting so that you can see all the fish in clear detail. If the weather is good, you can also venture outside where there are 2 small pools for sea lions which can make this aquarium feel closer to an actual zoo.

7. Okichan Theater

Image: Wikimedia / Pagemoral

It’s incredible just how many things dolphins can do. It can take a while for spectators here to truly understand that dolphins are doing all of these tricks out of friendliness. Most develop special bonds with their trainers. If you or your kids love dolphins, you can certainly head over to the Okichan Outdoor Theatre that is one which is known internationally.

6. Monkey Park Iwatayama

Situated on top of a mountain, Monkey Park is almost like no other. It is simply known for being the home of many monkeys. Tourists are coming from all over the world to see these monkeys live. It can take a while to hike up the mountain as monkeys are normally at the summit. But you can also find them in the warm water springs during the cold winter months where they sit for hours until they go to sleep. As a family or couple activity, it can be a bit more interactive than simply going to a regular zoo.

5. Okinawa Aquarium

This is one of the largest aquariums in Japan. Thousands of people come here every day to see various fish and turtles. But the main attraction of the aquarium is its large sharks. By Western standards, the swimming room for some of the sharks can seem a bit cramped. It can take a while to truly understand that this can also be an educational experience as you will see students coming here with their teachers frequently.

4. Nagasaki Bio Park

If you’re in Nagasaki, you can reach Bio Park by bus. The staff here don’t speak English so you need to prepare in advance. Visitors recommend getting a raincoat here as your clothes can get messy from the monkeys that tend to jump around on the visitors.

You can see all types of animals here from daring monkeys to vividly-colored parrots. It’s one of the zoos that gets considerable funding and this can be seen in a large number of animals on offer. You can certainly spend an entire day here reading, learning, and interacting with some of the animals at the zoo.

3. Kakegawa Kachouen

This unique zoo is mainly comprised of birds from different species. Since it’s located indoors, birds are free to fly around. You can visit it with your kids if you like interactive experiences not just watching birds behind a glass wall. This is also the best time to learn what these birds eat. You will have the opportunity and freedom to feed the birds yourself.

One of the easiest birds to feed here is the penguin. Most tourists take pictures with penguins at the zoo. But you can also try and see a parrot closer as they tend to come next to humans when there’s food around. A small coffee shop is also found here when you want to take a break from playing with the birds.

2. Kobe Animal Kingdom

A great number of caretakers means the Kobe Animal Kingdom is one of the best in Japan for the overall quality of life of the animals. This is one of the best locations in the country for a large number of animals and shows. Hundreds and thousands of people gather here to see various performance shows. You can also stick around a bit longer for the feeding hours which is a show of its own.

1. Adventure World

All types of large animals can be found at Adventure World. Kids from all over the country come here with their families to see these animals in person. During the summer, it is the busiest zoo in Japan. But you can still visit it if you don’t want to miss out on rare small and large pandas. These animals are expensive to grow and this is why only places such as Adventure World can do it properly.

Dolphins are the second attraction here. These dolphins represent one of the best animals to offer live shows. You can grab a ticket and a free seat to see dolphins perform all types of tricks here. The giraffes at Adventure World are also popular. Many kids even get the chance to feed them directly. With plenty of interesting activities, hundreds of animals, and excellent premises, Adventure World is one of the best zoos in Japan. But you need to get sure you get there early if you’re driving since the small car park tends to get full in a couple of hours from opening.