The 10 Most Popular Types of Holidays

Holidays are often different for everybody. But there are all types of holidays to consider and many of them are surprising to those who haven’t been planning different styles of holidays. But there are many types of holidays you can plan on your own, with your partner, and with a group.

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10. A pilgrimage

The old pilgrimage seems to have been completely forgotten as a possible holiday or change of scenery from everyday life. But if we look back in history, we see the classic long-distance pilgrimage was very popular at different ages.

One of the pilgrimages that still exist today and which offer a clear path to follow for hundreds of miles is Camino de Santiago in Spain. Multiple routes take you to the ancient church which has been visited by thousands of pilgrims you used to take time off to walk there for a few days.

9. Ecotourism

Ecotourism is a type of holiday that mostly requires holidaymakers to live like in the old day, with minimum impact on nature and the surrounding environment. Ecotourism replaces large motorbike rides with cycling and expensive processed foods with simple foods made from farm-gathered ingredients.

8. A retreat

A retreat is a type of holiday that implies you leaving your home to take time off to relax or to think about certain topics. Unlike in a pilgrimage, it doesn’t require holidaymakers to go anywhere specific.

The idea is to take time off to see things from a better perspective. Those with high-stress jobs can be among the best types of tourists into retreat holidays.

7. Solo holidays

Solo holidays have exploded in popularity. With the way jobs are at the moment, it can be difficult to find a friend of more friends to go on holiday with. This is why many people decided to travel on their own for hassle-free holidays.

These types of holidays are best planned in safe countries. But even solo women have now started to travel more on their own and this trend of holiday-making can be one of the best if you also want to visit certain landmarks you’re unsure your friends would like.

6. Girls’ trips

All-women’s trips are also popular across the globe. Women who don’t want to travel on their own certainly have the advantage of meeting up with friends and planning a trip together. Without any boys in the group, girls get to travel both inside and outside of the country and they can plan itineraries men wouldn’t necessarily be interested in.

5. Group tours

Group tours are the best for laughs and a good time. Holidays with friends, families, or even strangers as part of the group are best for seniors. These groups often include proper planning for accommodation, eating, and sightseeing.

If you’re afraid that you don’t have the organizational skills to set up a good holiday on your own, you can simply join one of these groups where you either split planning tasks or where you get a group leader that organizes the holiday for the rest of the group.

4. Cruises

Cruises are the perfect all-inclusive holiday. You get included accommodation, included meals, on-board entertainment, and even onboard activities. Perfect for senior citizens, cruises are also among the best for those who simply want to sit back and relax.

But just because you’re planning a cruise doesn’t mean you sit on a boat for weeks. Most cruises stop at certain ports every few days. You get to visit cities and enjoy the local culture. You can also buy different souvenirs from the countries you visit.

Viking is one of the cruise line operators that is known for excellent cruises with plenty of great destinations where the sun always shines and where you can enjoy a relaxing holiday that can last up to a month.

3. Road trips

The classic road trip remains of the ultimate holidays. You pack your car and you simply drive off to any location or multiple locations. The advantage of this type of holiday is that you can stop everywhere you want. You can easily stay one more day in a location you truly like. You can even sleep in your car if you don’t feel like paying for a hotel.

The disadvantage of this type of holiday is that everything can turn out bad if your car breaks down far from home. It can be costly and time-consuming to have your vehicle repaired in a new city or a new country. Most of those going on road trips should ensure their vehicle has been service checked by a mechanic to avoid such problems on the holiday.

2. City breaks

If you don’t have time for a full holiday, you can consider short city breaks. Normally one 1 or 2 days on the road, these types of holidays can be planned either by car or by airplane. Some of the most important airlines offer city break deals with return flights for a low price. Low-cost airlines are the cheapest option when you don’t plan to fly out too far.

1. Camping trips

Camping is the ultimate type of holiday for solo travelers, families, or groups. While out in nature, you can sleep in tents or even book a lodge. You can make a fire and prepare food out in nature. You can even consider glamping, a more luxurious style of camping where everything is served, including meals.

Going camping was the first type of holiday and it remains popular for good reasons. Camping also allows you to disconnect from a stressful life and reconnect with nature.

Online camping forums have hundreds of thousands of followers and contributors which goes to show just how many are planning to camp. Unlike with other types of holidays, camping requires proper planning as you need to pack everything from clothes to cooking utensils. Out in nature, there’s no shop to visit in case you forget anything at home.