The 10 Best Spots in New York to Spot Celebrities

New York is a celebrity hotspot. But you might end up walking up and down its streets the entire day until you get to see a celebrity.

The good news is that New York always has some type of celebrities running around. But the bad news is you need to visit a few spots where celebrities are now to get together.

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10. Monkey Bar

Image: Monkey Bar

The Kardashians and Frank Sinatra have been among the celebrities seen at the Monkey Bar. You might need to get a reservation to get in but on weekdays the place shouldn’t be that packed. If you don’t want to overpay for a drink here, you can simply wait outside to see a passing celebrity, especially on the weekend.

9. Helicopter rides

 New York is known for its scenic helicopter rides. A few tour companies offer them and if you check out celebrities such as musicians and sports players’ Instagram feed, you’ll see all of them have photos of New York from above.

The best bet is to call one of these agencies to make an appointment for helicopter rides which can take up to an hour. The busy times of the week are the safest bet when it comes to keeping your fingers crossed about meeting a celebrity.

8. Wall Street

If you’re into finance celebrities and millionaires, you need to hang around Wall Street. This is the place where you can see your heroes going to work every day. At around lunchtime, many of these stars get out to the streets to get their favorite burger and hot dog and it can be the best time to get a selfie with them. Media celebrities are also seen here frequently as they come to film here anytime there’s a change in financial regulation on when they need to cover news on finances.

7. The Broadway Hotel

Image: / The Broadway Hotel

The Broadway Hotel has hosted Uma Thurman and Celine Dion. It’s a hotel with historical significance and you might want to check in even not specifically to see celebrities. But if you get a night here, we recommend getting a drink at the bar or in the lobby where you’ll have the highest chances of spotting a Hollywood star instead of simply sitting in your room all evening.

6. Street film sets

You can walk some of the most iconic places in New York to stumble upon movie sets. Filmed right on the streets, these locations are prime to see actors. You can start at Brooklyn bridge which tends to gets featured in many movies. Brooklyn and Manhattan are top destinations to simply walk around with high chances of seeing a movie being filmed and some of the best international actors. Fashion photography is also popular on the streets of the city so may even run into your catwalk idols here.

5. Central Park

Central Park is the main outdoor attraction of New York. Houses prices are also the highest here. But the good news is these high house prices attract celebrities that tend to jog or walk their dogs right here in the park. You can see all types of celebrities here from musicians to politicians. But you should also try to avoid the busy areas of the park as celebrities don’t like to get recognized in high traffic areas,

4. JFK Airport

One of the best places to see celebrities is in airports as they travel all the time. The John F. Kennedy Airport is a top destination for celebrities traveling to and from Europe. If you want to see international stars, you need to book your flights from this airport. You can simply hang around the media here as all of the journalists are usually waiting for some type of star or celebrity departing or arriving at the airport.

3. Madison Square Garden

Basketball games at the Madison Square Garden tend to attract A-level celebrities. Just look at Beyonce’s social media photos. Many celebrities come here and you might see them at high profile events such as important sports matches.

But the bad news is these celebrities tend to get the best tickets so you’ll need to spend more for the best tickets yourself. This might even put you next to your favorite TV celebrity and you might not get a similar chance anywhere else.

2. Rockefeller Center

The Rockefeller Center is the place of various late-night TV shows and celebrities come here to get interviewed. You can hang around a few hours to see if you spot anyone truly popular. This place is also the location of multiple movie sets. Home Alone was filmed here and there are also high chances of you seeing current or rising TV celebrities filming all types of city scenes right here next to the iconic Christmas tree that goes up in December.

1. The Statue of Liberty

Everybody wants to visit the Statue of Liberty. For most, it’s the symbol of liberty. For some of the parents of today’s celebrities, it was the first structure they saw coming into the country by boat. This place is incredible as it has so much significance for the American people.

At one point, every US citizen comes to visit this iconic statue. Your best chances with celebrities here are with international stars that visit the city. Most try to squeeze in 2 or 3 important landmarks while in New York and The Statute of Liberty is the most important of them all.

Even if you don’t see a celebrity here, you will feel a bit more important standing next to a piece of history. It can take years or decades to come back so you can make the most of your time here. If you look at social media, you will also find plenty of photos of the statue taken by celebrities, and all of them relate just how impressed they were by the visit. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a selfie with a top star here.