The 10 US Cities With The Cleanest Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is a quality of life indicator. Even the developed world sometimes struggles to offer clear water to its residents. It’s worth knowing more about water since it’s essential to a happy and healthy life. The water we drink is different from one city to another depending on its source, the treatments applied to eat, and the public network that allows it to travel to your homes. The best cities for clean drinking water have these parameters under control.

1. Louisville, Kentucky

You wouldn’t believe Louisville is in the first place when you think its water comes from a river. But sourcing water from the Ohio River didn’t stop public authorities from turning it into clean drinkable water that residents can enjoy safely. Natural filtration methods through sand and gravel make the water drinkable even if it comes from a large river. Constant efforts are put into place daily here with multiple tests carried out to ensure water purity levels are always constant.

2. Greenville, South Carolina

The small city of Greenville also enjoys clean water that comes from the mountains. The Southern city sources it from the Blue Ridge Mountains which offer natural filtration and a source that is very low in pollution. The small public water system in Greenville also positively influences its drinkability. With a surface of just 28.8 square miles, Greenville water has to travel a short distance to the tap which also means it doesn’t collect impurities along the way either.

3. Chicago, Illinois

Not many would expect to see another large metropolitan area on the list. But Chicago is a city that offers high-quality drinking water that’s sourced from Lake Michigan. Many don’t know this water comes already filtered. Sand filtration is one of the best natural methods of filtration that makes the water here drinkable.

Furthermore, carbon filtration is the second natural filter that puts Chicago high on the list of the cleanest drinking water in the US. The cold weather at the Canadian border could also help keep water in Chicago a bit cleaner as low temperatures can kill certain bacteria.

4. Manchester, New Hampshire

Ozone is used to maintain high water quality in Manchester. This simple treatment has been the result of research carried out by local authorities as well as Safe Water US. The water here is naturally filtered since it comes from Lake Massabesic. It acts as a natural source of water that is mildly treated to make it drinkable but the lake’s water and Manchester one of the highest places on the list.

5. Fort Collins, Colorado

Apart from Denver, the water in Fort Collins also ranks highly. It’s also one of the purest waters since it comes from high up in the mountains and Cache La Poudre River. Experts say the fact it’s naturally filtered by coal helps it remains crisp with a distinct pure taste. Chlorine is added further to make it safe for residents to drink and cook with. Fort Collins shows that water can be of high-quality even when it comes to combined sources.

The water at Cache La Poudre River is so pure that it even attracts controversies. There are multiple media reports on the creation of a super-reservoir here called the Glade Reservoir. It should cover the water needs of a larger 49,000,000 m3 area but the project has been postponed due to environmental impact concerns.

6. Denver, Colorado

Since Denver water comes from high up in the mountains it already enjoys a level of natural filtration when it reaches the water reservoir. Its purity also benefits from an extensive ban on local water sports in the reservoir which maintains the cleanliness of the area.

The water reservoirs are located in the Rocky Mountains that are high in minerals. Some also label water as grassy in taste when visiting Denver as a result. However, the water is safe to drink without any treatment which makes Denver residents blessed by comparison with most other US cities.

7. Stevens Point, Wisconsin

The American Water Works Associated is one of the organizations that rate the water at Stevens Point Highly. Its treatment is what the association is mostly interested in. The water here is considered one of the most drinkable in the country based on how it’s treated before it reaches the homes in the area. Fluoride and phosphate are used in the treatment process which still allows the water to be crisp when it reaches the tap.

8. New York

Not many expect to see New York on the list. But this is mainly because not many know where New York water comes from. It’s not from the Hudson River. The water comes from the Catskill Mountains. Even many Big Apple residents wonder just how far the water has to travel to reach their homes. It’s believed that the entire distance is exactly 125 miles long.

The water here is normally appreciated as having a sweet taste. Its taste might be influenced by its high mineral content. Regardless of what’s making it taste sweet, the water in New York is highly appreciated.

9. Oklahoma City

Not all water sources are based on natural lakes or natural water filtration. This can be seen in Oklahoma City where the municipality built 6 water lakes for its residents. These are now responsible for one of the cleanest sources of water in the country.

Oklahoma than treats this water with ozone. Filtered tap water found in Oklahoma homes has now won multiple national awards. This is even more impressive given the lakes have been man-made.

10. Silverdale, Washington

Often praised by celebrities for its water quality, Silverdale has the potential of becoming the state’s best destination for clean hydration. The secret to this pure water lies in its source. Water is sourced from the Green Mountain. Rainwater build up here is the main source and the natural filtration of the land allows Silverdale residents to drink pure untreated water.