The 14 Best Luxury Luggage Brands

When planning a trip around the world it is important to cover every single detail. One such detail that is possibly the most overlooked is actually the most important. Your luggage. The one thing you take with you everywhere you go.

The one thing that can be the biggest pain for anyone on a trip when it suddenly breaks. This is why investing in good quality luggage is very important for any traveler. Here in this list, we look at the 14 best Luxury Luggage brands and why you should consider investing in them. 

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14. Rimowa

Price: from $500

Distinguishing Rimowa luggage from the standard fare is the brand’s grooved cases of exceptional durability. To think, it all came about by chance in 1937.

That’s when the company’s co-founder Richard Morszeck began using aluminum after every other production material was destroyed in a fire. Nowadays, you can choose between aluminum and polycarbonate for the material.

Also featured are modern upgrades like integrated electronic tags. Dominating the durable luggage brand category, Rimowa has gear that will last.

Collections: Classic, Dior and Rimowa, Essential, Essential Lite, Essential Sleeve, Hybrid, Original, Rimowa x Garrett Leight.

13. Mulberry

Price: from $1,018

Last but not least is Mulberry. The British brand has earned its reputation by providing high-quality products that will last.

Running successfully since 1971 the brand has become a strong contender on the list of luxury luggage. And they aren’t slowing down any time soon.

Some of their Collections Include: Medium Clipper, Four Wheel Trolley, City Briefcase, City Weekender, Clipper

12. Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano

Price: from $430

Setting the stage for Italian craftsmanship the Fabbrica brand has always been a fan favorite. They’ve been excelling at what they do since the late 1940s and they’re not stopping anytime soon!

The beautiful pieces are everything you want to wrap up all in one. Reliable. Sturdy. Dependable. Stunning. It is no laughing matter that this brand has stood – and will continue to stand – the test of time in luxury luggage excellence.

Some of their Collections Include: Bank, Bank S, Bank Light, Bank Nick Wooster, Special Editions (Bedstation, Workstation, Cookstation, Pilates Station)

11. Victorinox

Price: start at $345

At the tender age of 136 years, this brand is older than the concept of flying itself. They have spent all those years perfecting their craft to bring the best possible experience for each one of their clients.

Quality, dependability, and luxury are some of the words used to describe this brand and it speaks volumes.

Collections: Connex, Lexicon 2.0, Lexicon Hardside, Spectra 2.0, Werks Traveler 6.0

10. Samsonite

Price: from $200

Few brands have managed to do what Samsonite has done. by saying the name everyone who has ever owned a TV will see the light and durable design that has been used and loved for over a century.

The hard shell-luggage design is indestructible and the lifetime warranty speaks for itself. For a luxury brand, they are surprisingly affordable. Not only that, but the hard exterior takes the stress out of traveling when considering the lifespan of fine leather luggage.

They are made to take hit after hit without you worrying about scuffs or scratches. That is the true reason this brand will be here for another 100 years.

Some of their Collections Include: 72H, Aspero, Bleisure, B-Lite 4, Cosmolite, Dream Rider, Dream Rider Deluxe, Evoa, Evoa Tech, Firelite, Lite-Box, Lite-Shock Sport, Magnum, Minter, Myton, Neopulse x Diesel, Oc2lite, Paradiver Light, Polygon, Prodigy, Robo II, Sammies Dreams, Spark SNG Eco, Stem, Theoni, TOIIS C, TOIIS L, Tri-Tech, Uplite SPL, Varro, Vestor

9. Bottega

Price: from $1,360

A well known and incredibly dependable brand, Bottega Vetta stands the test of time with their impeccable creations. They are not mistakable and that’s what makes them so popular. Not only that but they’re beautiful to look at on their own.

The brand takes pride in using the best of the best when it comes to their creations and it shows. Their finer details are modest at best. But, at the end of the day, each tiny detail comes together perfectly. Drawing a picture of elegance and luxury that is not easily duplicated.

8. Louis Vuitton

Price: from $1,940

Probably the most brand famous contender on this list is the infamous Louis Vuitton. Everyone and their mothers know and love this brand.

Yet, what a few might not know are their excellent luggage designs and collections. They have been the leaders in setting trends since the early 1850s and it goes without saying that this brand knows and breathes luxury.

Priding themselves on the longevity and dependability of their products. It clearly shows when looking at what they’ve created throughout the years. No matter the collaborator when buying Louis you’ll be buying well.

7. SteamLine Luggage

Price: from $395

SteamLine found a way to hit the marketing jackpot with its innovative idea of infusing new modern trends with iconic retro stylings.

Making them a hit with both older and younger generations alike. Their clever names and branding ideas have pushed them into the next level of luxury luggage. Combining their impeccable craftsmanship, unmistakable looks, and designs.

It’s no wonder why they are taking charge. Their sets come in various styles, colors, and designs. Leaving something for everyone.

Some of their Collections Include: The Sweetheart, The Architect (Navy, Cream, Burgundy), The Starlet, The Entrepreneur (Red, Navy, Lip Print), The Industrialist, The Diplomat – Cream, The Botanist (Pink, Grey, Purple), The Correspondent, The Editor (Black, Sea Green), The Maisonette X Steamline (Pink, Blue), The Mini, The Anthropologist (Orange, Navy), The Jetsetter (Red, Blue), The Artiste – Evergreen, The Alchemist

6. Tumi

Price: from $350

The Tumi brand has been around for decades and has won many awards for its impeccable creations. They spearheaded the term “ballistic nylon. It started a whole new generation for luxury luggage.

The brand retains its hold on the top of the spectrum of luxury luggage by always being two steps ahead of the competition. Making use of innovative ideas, designs, and products they are pushing forward steadily.

Some of their Collections Include: 19 Degree Aluminum, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Arrivé, Ashton, Merge, Tegra-Lite® 2, TUMI Latitude, TUMI V4, Voyageur

5. Smythson

Price: from $1,700

Another British brand on the list, Smythson is one that is known for being luxury incarnate. The travel gear is handcrafted with the best quality leather used. That is how they design and create these beauties into life.

They offer a large selection of travel bags, carry on, and handbags. Besides, they also sell crafted travel accessories to complete the set. These include wallets, travel documentation sleeves as well as passport holders.

Each piece made with elegance in mind, colors, stitching, and finer details. It all plays a large role in the craftsmanship. Not only for aesthetic purposes but also to elongate their lifespan.

4. Ghurka

Price: from $795

The Ghurka brand is made to last. They only use the finest leather and are the leading brand in America for luggage excellence.

It goes without saying that it is one of the best luxury luggage brands available. Each collection crafted to perfection. Every detail lovingly picked and stitched together to craft a piece of art. They have been around for decades, and we don’t see them going away anytime soon.

They have managed to stand the test of time without the use of gimmicks or needless market strategies. Therefor saying: when a brand is this good, the products speak for itself.

Some of their Collections Includes: Blazer No. 278, Cavalier I No. 96, Cavalier II No. 97, Cavalier III No. 9, Editor No. 271, Editor No. 239, Express No. 2, Jasper II No. 750, Kilburn II No. 156, Kilburn Rs No. 252, Rucksack No. 33, Stadium II No. 71, Stash No. 67, Stowaway No. 594, Windsor No. 145

3. Globe-Trotter

Price: from $915

This British brand is made for royalty. No, seriously, Queen Elizabeth II has been named as one of their customers. They have been in business since 1897.

Making a name for themselves by not only making stunning art from their luggage. But, also providing strong secure pieces that will last lifetimes.

All luggage is lovingly made by hand and earns its name of the best British Luxury luggage brand. When investing in Globe-Trotter you invest in a lifetime commitment.

Some of their Collections Include: Chelsea Garden, St. Mortiz, Original, Centenary, Collaboration (Paul Smith, England Polo, The Goring), Special Edition (Cruise, Safari), Deluxe Edition (Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, Caviar, Orient)

2. Mark Cross

Price: from $950

Going back to true old fashion elegance. The Marc Cross travel set is made from delicate leather details and stitchings. It promises to turn heads as you make your way through the travel destinations.

There are several pieces to pick from for all the needs of any traveler. Not only do they have the travel essentials but the brand also has several additional accessories.

Such as travel documentation holders, individual travel trays for organizing your personal items. see the website for their full catalog of items.

1. Montblanc

Price: from $650

There are 5 units in the Montblanc luggage set. They are made from lightweight polycarbonate chassis. They are incredibly durable and have a very stylish look to them.

There is leather detailing on the handles and they offer a glide along with a feature on all four wheels. They are smooth and quiet which will be good if you plan on doing a lot of walking with them. The interior has zip pockets that work as dividers for any carryon items. These compartments allow you to stay organized on the go.

Another fun feature is the pocket that is dedicated to a power bank so that you can charge your devices as you move. They are impressively strong and comes with their own warranties depending on which one you go for.

Some of their Collections Include: 1926 Montblanc Heritage, 4810 Westside, Montblanc Extreme 2.0, Meistrertüch, Meistrertüch Soft Grain, My Montblanc Nightflight, Montblanc Sartorial, Montblanc Sartorial Jet, Urban Racing Spirit.