The 3 Biggest Zoos In Hyderabad

There’s one main zoo in Hyderabad. All other farms run as animal shelters and not as actual zoos. But animal lovers can still find plenty of interesting animals in this Indian city. Most of those who only visit it for a day head to Nehru but others who are in the city for more days can also explore rabbit farms where petting is allowed.

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Why choose Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is the 5th largest city in India by economic power. This makes it an attractive city both for those in India and for tourists or anyone from abroad looking to settle in the country. It was a major historic city in Asia mostly known as ‘Pearl City’ for its role in the pearl-manufacturing industry. But today, the city has a population of over 6 million and it can be a bit stressful to keep up with daily lives and the rising sectors of information technology or engineering. This is why taking some time off to relax at the zoo can be a good idea. Here are your main options

3. JD Rabbit Farms

Image: Facebook / JD Rabbit Farms

This farm is not a zoo but a location that is known for growing all types of rabbits. If you live in the city, you can buy your own rabbit here to have and to raise at home. You can check out the farm every day as it’s only closed on weekends.

Rabbits here come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy a small rabbit if you want to offer it as a gift to your kids to raise. If you don’t have a house or a place to simply raise a rabbit, you can come to this farm as a visitor. Ideally, you’d need to call in advance to ensure you can visit the farm with your family. It can be a fun experience simply to pet these rabbits found here.

2. ANR Rabbit Farms

Image: ANR Rabbit Farms

If you want to save rabbits, you can also visit the ANR Rabbit farm. This location is also known for growing rabbits, but not in the best condition. Some locals have expressed their willingness to buy some of the rabbits from the farm to raise them in the back garden. But other residents have bought rabbits here to simply release them back in the wild.

1. Nehru Zoological Park

Image: Facebook / Nehru Zoological Park

Nehru Zoological Park is the biggest and only true zoo in Hyderabad. It has an incredible surface of 380 acres which makes it one of the largest zoos in the world. In fact, it would be hard for any Western zoo to truly match its size given it has a surface of over 150 hectares.

This park is also one of the oldest in India. It has been established in 1963 which makes it already a few decades old. Having the advantage of a large open area and the advantage of the animal-raising experience gained over the decades, this zoo is one of the must-see attractions in the city.

The animals you can see at the Nehru Zoo

There are various types of Asian wild animals you can see here. Some are easier to see than others. Most animals are hard to see as they roam around the vast areas of the park. The Asian tiger is one of the main attractions here and you can see this majestic feline easily here.

Tortoises are also popular at the zoo. They have a separate enclosure for safety purposes. Since they move slowly, you can easily see turtles and if you visit the zoo with your kids, it’s going to be an animal you can sit by for a long time explaining to your kids just how these animals live.

The Indian Gaur is also found here. Resembling a bull, this is one of the largest animals you can see here at the park. You can see it easily since it also tends to move rather slow and sit in one place for prolonged periods.

The classic leopard is also popular here. You will see it on trees, on rocks, or next to water sources. In some locations of the zoo, it can be hard to spot as it comes with yellow color with black spots which make it blend in a bit better than other animals. It is a predatory animal after all.

Bears are also seen here at the zoo. The sun bear is a local star here at the zoo. Everybody wants to photograph it and to hear it roar. But the bear population is set to increase at this zoo as it tends to draw in large crowds.

Deer are also seen in open-air enclosed spaces at the zoo. These are the easiest to see. Unlike most other animals mentioned before, deer tend to stick together. This is why you will easily see groups of up to 10 deer moving like a unit. It’s rare to see deer sit on their own, separated from the group. These social creatures can also be one of the best learning opportunities for kids who can understand better why some animals live on their own as predators and while others have to live in groups to get better protection from potential predators.

The best zoo in Hyderabad

The best Hyderabad zoo is the Nehru Zoological Park. Due to its vast size, this park can’t be walked in a single day. You’d need to come back and visit it multiple other times to see all that it has to offer.

But most visitors don’t have time to come back to the park again. This is why it’s best to simply ask about your favorite animal’s whereabouts. Otherwise, the park has simply too many reviews of people not managing to see it all in one day. Looking for guided tours at the zoo entrance can also be one of the best ways to enjoy more time spent looking at the animals than spending more trying looking for the animals. Many secrets such as the big white tiger await those who have patience here.