What Do You Use to Hang a Calendar?

While our phones and other electronics have a calendar built into them, there is something nice about seeing a calendar hung up on a wall.

They are slightly inspiring, but they also come in so many different designs that it’s fun to use them as decorative pieces.

So, what do you use to hang a calendar?

In rentals, your best friend will be command strips or adhesive strips. For homes, you can opt for nails or magnets.

Different surfaces might require different methods to hang a calendar. So, you may need glue, command strips, adhesive putty, nails, string, etc.

As you can see, there are so many options for hanging a calendar. It can become troublesome if you have to go back and forth from the store to figure out which one will work.

So, we’ve created a quick guide you can read to help you determine which solution will work best!

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How to Hang a Calendar

hand your calendar on

There are many different surfaces that you can hand your calendar on. Depending on which one you choose, you may need a specific material to hang it.

That’s why we’ve provided many different options you can try.

Below, we’ve crafted a list of the multiple types of materials you’d need to hang your new calendar.

1. Painters Tape

If you want the least risk of damaging a surface, a good option is investing in painter’s tape. Painters tape is a strong adhesive tape that lasts longer than standard scotch tape.

It comes in a blue or white color and can be used to secure a thin or lightweight calendar to a wall.

Obviously, it’s not the best option because you will see the tape and also have to tape the pages, which could damage the calendar.

However, it’s a good alternative if you aren’t going to keep the calendar as a keepsake at the end of the year.

2. Adhesive Putty

adhesive putty

Any sticky adhesive will leave residue, but adhesive putty is the least likely to cause any damage to drywall.

The putty can hold most calendars for a few months before needing to be replaced. Of course, since the sticky part will have to contact your calendar, there is a risk of it damaging it.

3. Command Hooks

You can use command hooks for heavier calendars on flat surfaces such as drywall or refrigerators.

Command hooks have adhesive to the back of the hook, which is very sticky and can last until you need to take them down.

A hook is perfect for calendars that are hung by decorative string.

4. Command Strips

Command strip

Command strips are similar to command hooks, except they don’t have a hook. They are flat strips with adhesive on both sides.

The adhesive is also very sticky and has a reputation for lasting many years.

However, stickiness isn’t always the best on painted walls. Sometimes the leftover residue can end up stripping the paint off the wall, which you can be liable for if you’re renting.

So, be sure not to stick it on surfaces that may peel easily.

5. Nails

Nails are also a good option at times, but they do the most damage. A nail can hold up heavy calendars, but you’ll have a small hole in your wall.

While dry putty can fill the hole, the nail still goes deeper into the wall. We’d also advise only using it on wood or drywall, or it may damage or scratch a surface.


If you enjoy the aesthetics of traditionally hanging your calendar, you will like this option. Not only that, but it does no damage to your calendar, allowing you to keep it for later.

Plus, you can continuously change the calendar each year without any hassle.

6. String

A string is a good option for creating the least amount of damage. Suppose you are hanging the calendar up where there are other objects you can tie it to.

In that case, you can attach a string to the small hole of the calendar at the top and attach it to other objects.

For example, you can tie it to a rod, shelf, etc.

7. Glue

The glue should be your last option, as it’s almost impossible not to damage the calendar and remove it from a surface.


Suppose you’re gluing the calendar to a removable board or something. In that case, you don’t care about throwing them away later.

This can be a good option. You won’t be able to flip the calendar each month, but this option works well for people who enjoy ripping off each month as it passes.

8. Magnets

Lastly, lightweight, smaller calendars can be attached to a refrigerator or magnetic surface using a magnet.

This does the least amount of damage and is the simplest solution if you want the calendar to be placed in a busy area of the house.

It’s also a good reminder, as you get food from the fridge daily.

Other magnetic surfaces include drawers, RV walls, and similar objects. Additionally, you can even use magnets to clip onto boards on both sides, and you won’t damage the board.

So, it’s a very versatile option but limits you on where you can hang the calendar up.


Frequently Asked Questions: Calendar Hanging

What do you hang a calendar on?

Calendars are designed to be hung up on multiple surfaces, such as walls, refrigerators, and bulletin boards.

However, you can essentially attach a calendar to any flat vertical surface of your choosing. Hanging the calendar is trickier, as you may need specific tools depending on what surface you’re hanging it on.

How do you hang a heavy calendar?

You can use self-adhesive wall hooks to hold up heavy calendars depending on the surface. The hooks are designed to hang a calendar that isn’t going to damage the surface.

However, if you’re renting, you may want to ensure that the product is safe to use on the wall and won’t strip the paint.

How can I hang a calendar on the wall without nails?

Nails can damage surfaces and aren’t allowed on rental properties. A good alternative is to opt for command hooks.

These small hooks attach to the wall via a sticky adhesive. Unlike other adhesives, command strips are known for being able to peel off without leaving residue or damaging the wall.

Where do you hang a calendar in the kitchen?

The best place to hang a calendar in the kitchen is the refrigerator. You can use magnetic hooks that stick to the refrigerator doors.

 calendar in the kitchen

This allows you to hang it up in a convenient place without going through the hassle of using nails or adhesive strips.

Final Thoughts

Hanging up a calendar can be irritating if you don’t know what to use, but you have a few options.

We’ve highlighted a few different choices, but it depends on what surface you end up hanging it up on.

Personally, we always recommend starting with the least damaging and then changing to a different option.

If you want to change to something else, it’s relatively easy, and you won’t have to fix a wall.

Hopefully, this has helped you understand more about what options you have for hanging up your yearly calendar.