What Are The Best Jobs In Tennessee?

The best jobs in Tennessee are mostly in the medical field. You can expect to earn above the median wage in one of the healthcare jobs you can find in the area. The fastest-growing Tennessee jobs are also in the healthcare department so it might be worth getting a qualification in the medical field if you want the best salary and the best job prospects in Tennessee. Here are a few examples.

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You need to go to med school to become a surgeon. It also takes a few years to qualify as a surgeon after graduation. But it’s worth the effort since you can expect around $270.000 as your yearly salary in Tennessee as a surgeon. There are currently under 200 salaries of this level in the area.


It might be a bit easier to become an anesthesiologist. There are nearly 1000 anesthesiologists in Tennessee and you can expect to earn a lot by training in this profession. A starting salary for this role sits around $180.000. But you can earn up to $260.000 as an anesthesiologist with experience.


Becoming an orthodontist is difficult. Furthermore, you get plenty of responsibilities for this role. But you can earn at least $140.000 with a starting orthodontist salary in Tennessee. There are currently plenty of vacant positions for this role as well.

Physical therapists

One area of healthcare that doesn’t require as many years to get to a senior level is physical therapy. If you love helping others, you can earn around $58.000 as a physical therapist at the beginning of your career in Tennessee. With plenty of room for all of those in healthcare, Tennessee proves you can earn a lot even without living in one of the larger cities of the US.