What Is Deeper? The Ocean Or The Sea?

The ocean is deeper than the sea as it’s comprised of larger bodies of water. We don’t know the exact depth of the ocean. But the areas of the ocean which have been scanned so far (around 10%) show us that the average depth of the ocean is 3.7 km or 2.3 miles.

Seas and oceans and what they mean

Seas are typically smaller and often bordered by land at least on one side. Some seas are even surrounded by lands such as the Black Sea or the Caspian Sea. Other seas are directly communicating with oceans such as the Mediterranean sea.

No matter how much science has progressed, we don’t have specific data for ocean depth levels as there are many places such as the Mariana Trench which can alter the average depth of the ocean. But at the moment, the average ocean depth of just over 2 miles is the official figure accepted by most researchers.

The average sea isn’t as deep. A few examples show use just how shallow seas can be. The average depth of the Caspian sea is just 66 feet or 22 m. The Mediterranean sea is larger and even its average depth is about 4.900 feet or 1.500 m.

This means both seas and oceans can be deep, but they aren’t as deep as many imagine. By their definition, oceans are even deeper. Connecting continents and influencing global weather, oceans are so deep that certain species of fish living thousands of feet underneath the surface level are completely accustomed to living with no light at all. Light doesn’t penetrate the full depth of the ocean.

Some of the deepest points on Earth are located in oceans

Another reason to show oceans are deeper than seas is that recorded data on the deepest points on Earth are in favor of oceans. Many know the Mariana Trench is the deepest point on Earth. But not many know this trench has a depth of 11 km which makes it deeper than the height of Mount Everest. This trench located in the Pacific Ocean is considerably deeper than the deepest points in seas.

Such deep points are mainly possible in oceans due to the movement of tectonic plates. These plates under the surface of the Earth move under each other and they create deep trenches such as the Mariana Trench.

A final reason to consider oceans deeper is the fact we’ve already explored sea beds. There are countless expeditions to the bottom of many seas we have around the world and just a few ocean expeditions to places such as the Mariana Trench. The high water pressure at that depth makes it almost impossible to explore without proper protective gear. Such limitations are rarely an issue when exploring the depth of the seas. This is why oceans are both wider and deeper than seas on average. Many oceans even remain unexplored given their vastness and high depth which requires dedicated protective equipment for full diving.