What Is The Biggest Country In North America?

Canada is the biggest country in North America. It has an area of 9.9 million square kilometers (compared to 9.6 million sq. km of the USA). Canada is also the second-largest country in the world (the first is Russia).

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The vast Canadian lands

Canada is a country in the ‘New World’ established by European colonists. Both French and British colonists are known to have arrived here before its territories became the state we know today. Canada sits between the Atlantic and the Pacific. This means it also has the longest coastline.

The land of lakes

Nobody knows exactly how many lakes there are in Canada. But the latest statistics show there are millions of lakes here. Canada has more lakes than the entire world combined. It also means the state is perfect for nature lovers.

Fishing and hunting fans feel right at home in Canada. But as with any vast land of this size, reaching some of these lakes is problematic. If reaching Lake Huron in Ontario is easy, you can’t say the same about some of the most remote lakes in the Northern Territories. Still, with so many lakes to visit, you can find a few of them in each of the country’s states.

The land of large cities

Canada is dominated by small and large cities together with remote villages. But the country still has multiple large cities. There are 6 cities in Canada home to populations of over 1 million. Toronto is the biggest city in the country.

Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, and Ottawa are other large cities that count more than 1 million people together with regional-importance Calgary. Most of these cities are known for their diverse population make-up. Toronto is the country’s most diverse city and one of the most diverse in the world.

The land of large dogs

Everything seems large in Canada including dogs. There are 5 recognized Canadian dog species in this big country of North America.

The Canadian Inuit Dog is one of the historic breeds of the country. These large dogs have been used to pull sleighs through the snow. However, the species is diminishing in numbers over the past years since most locals prefer to travel with motorized vehicles.

Newfoundland dogs are also considered a Canadian breed. Nobody knows exactly where this large breed is coming from. Some believe these dogs were already here when colonists came from Europe. Others believe Newfoundland dogs are a mix between dogs that came with Viking ships over a millennia ago with local Inuit dogs. What we know is that this breed impresses across the world and it represents the majestic side of Canada well.

As the biggest country in the North American continent, Canada impresses with its rich history. Closely tied to nature, its inhabitants have created a unique culture worth learning about. But the vastness of the land here makes it the country where you can spend an entire life exploring and still seeing new things.