What Is the Biggest Mall in America?

For years, visiting shopping malls has been a favorite pastime for people of various ages and races.

While many people shop, others use it to meet and hang out with friends or to just wander and window shop and eat at the food court.

Others search for bargains, while others shop as a form of therapy. Some malls are pretty small while others wear you out. But what is the biggest mall in America?

The Mall of America, located in Bloomingdale, Minnesota, is the largest mall in America with a total space of 5.6 million square feet and 2.87 million square feet of retail space.

It has a whopping 555 stores inside and has 12 anchors that are not only stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s but also entertainment venues such as Sea Life and Nickelodeon Universe.

The Triple Five Group opened the mall, which has its own zip code (55425) in 1992.

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Who owns the Mall of America?

Triple Five Group

The Triple Five Group owns and manages the Mall of America. The Ghermezian family owns the Triple Five organization, a 5,000-strong real estate empire.

When Jacob Ghermezian emigrated to Canada from Iran in 1959, he started the Ghermezian family fortune.

They began to buy and sell real estate in the suburbs of Edmonton.

Some of their properties were sold for an 18 million-dollar profit a few years later.

The West Edmonton Mall debuted in 1981 and continued to grow for several decades afterward. After this mall’s success, the family moved on to develop the Mall of America.

The Mall of America is now the largest shopping center in the United States. It has more than 800 shops and is valued at $1.3 billion.

What makes the Mall of America unique?

Each of the mall’s four floors is designed like an enormous rectangle. Each of the first three floors is lined with more than 500 shops.

The cinema, as well as a few eateries and event rooms, occupy much of the fourth floor’s east side.

Each of the rectangle’s four corners is anchored by a department store. As a result of Sears’ bankruptcy, one of the mall’s four stores is currently vacant.

The big indoor amusement park, Nickelodeon Universe, is located in the middle of the mall.

How many shopping malls are in the United States?

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

According to Statista, shopping malls in the United States numbered 116,000 as of 2017. In 1970, the United States had just 37,000 retail malls.

A shopping mall or center is a place where people can walk from one store or restaurant to another, usually under a roof.

A Central Valley, New York shopping mall – Woodbury Common Premium Outlets – was ranked the most profitable in 2017 by sales per square foot.

Do Americans still go to malls to do their shopping?

In terms of retail sales at shopping centers, the United States ranked first in the world, despite not having the world’s largest mall.

Buying at malls, rather than going online, is still the preferred method of shopping for Americans.

That’s because they shop at many shops and make multiple purchases at the same time.

A trip to the mall is commonly an excursion with family and friends in the United States, which adds to the allure of shopping malls.

What are the five largest shopping malls in The United States?

Aventura Mall, Aventura, Florida

The five biggest malls in the US are:

#5 Aventura Mall, Aventura, Florida

#4 South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California

#3 King of Prussia, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

#2 American Dream, East Rutherford, New Jersey

#1 Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota

Below are details of some of the country’s most intriguing malls:

How does the King of Prussia Mall differ from other shopping centers?

There are around 70 fewer retailers at the King of Prussia Mall than at The Mall of America, yet it is substantially larger in square footage.

Everyone can find something they like at this mall, which has everything from discount shops to high-end boutiques.

Three food courts offer a wide variety of cuisines from throughout the world.

Where is Aventura Mall?


Aventura Mall is Florida’s largest shopping center, with more than 300 shops, including five department stores.

Every year, the mall gets 28 million visitors from all across Florida, making it a cultural melting pot.

Shops at Aventura Mall include Chanel, Chloé, Fendi, and Tiffany & Co.

Is South Coast Plaza where the celebrities go?

The largest and most opulent shopping mall in California is South Coast Plaza. South Coast Plaza in Orange County, home to more than 250 shops, 30 restaurants, and an arts center, is a hotspot for Hollywood’s A-listers.

From H&M to Balenciaga, South Coast carries a wide range of pricing points and styles.

Where is the Galleria Mall located?

This mall is no exception to the adage that everything is bigger in Texas. More than 30 million people visit Houston’s Galleria each year.

It’s easy to see why locals and visitors alike flock to this mall, which features over 400 shops and restaurants, two sky-high hotels, and three office towers.

From Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue to Tiffany & Co. and Ralph Lauren to H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch, there are numerous shopping options.

Where is the Del Amo Fashion Center?

Del Amo Fashion Center

This mall is like two malls in one: Del Amo Fashion Center has more than 200 shops. The Fashion Center, one of the largest shopping malls in the United States, was formed by the merger of two shopping centers in Southern California.

Due to the popularity of retailers like Hugo Boss and Kate Spade New York as well as Nordstrom and Macy’s, it is a hot item in the retail world.

What makes Destiny USA unique?

When you enter through the doors of Destiny USA in Syracuse, New York, you feel like you’ve stepped into another universe.

The antique carousel, Dave & Buster’s, and comedy clubs are just a few of the hidden gems that draw both adults and children.

Shoppers in this Central New York shopping mecca can visit high-end boutiques while also snagging deals at discount outlets and 99-cent stores.

Why do shoppers love the Millcreek Mall?

Many restaurants and fast-food outlets can be found in the Millcreek Mall in Erie, Pennsylvania.

There are nearly 200 shops and five department stores. In addition to its single-floor dining hall arrangement, Millcreek Mall is known for its abundance of entertainment options.

Mall in Erie, Pennsylvania

It’s also a short drive from Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, making it an ideal location.

Which large American mall is not part of the contiguous forty-eight states?

The largest mall in the Caribbean is Plaza Las Américas in Puerto Rico, so if you’re looking for a break from the winter chill or just a change of scenery, consider a trip there.

There are more than 300 shops, such as an Alex and Ani, a Build-a-Bear Workshop, as well as a MAC Cosmetics store you can visit on the mall’s three levels.

It’s a very family-oriented mall.

What caused the battle between the Mall of America and the King of Prussia Mall?

As of August 22, 1992, the Mall of America was the largest in the United States by both total vendor count and square footage.

King of Prussia (in Pennsylvania) has recently begun disputing that claim. As a result, fierce competition for the title of America’s largest mall was born.

Due to a 2011 merger between three neighboring malls, the King of Prussia shopping center in Pennsylvania now has 14,000 square feet more leasable retail space than the Mall of America.

After completing “The North Food Court” in 2015, the Mall of America added 165,000 square feet of retail space, making it larger than King of Prussia by any standard measurement.

There is no doubt that the Mall of America, with its enormous indoor amusement park (which is not included in the leasable retail space), is America’s biggest shopping center.

Mall of America

Will there be a mall even larger than the Mall of America?

With nearly 3.5 million sq. ft of retail spots and 6.2 million total sq. ft, the American Dream Miami is expected to be America’s largest mall when it’s completed in 2023.

The Mall of America, on the other hand, will not lose its standing without a fight.

Will the Mall of America’s owners expand the mall?

The mall’s owners recently unveiled plans for a 335,000-square-foot indoor water park as part of the mall’s northern expansion.

In addition, the Mall of America’s website has stoked speculation about a potential extension to the site of IKEA.

According to the mockups, this would almost double the mall’s current size.

What is the world’s biggest mall?

The Dubai Mall, located in the United Arab Emirates, is the world’s largest in terms of retail area and total square footage.

When it comes to the world’s biggest shopping mall, The Dubai Mall stands out. It’s easy to get lost in the huge shopping center, which is located in the world’s glitziest city.

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall in terms of overall space, with a total area of more than 12 million square feet.

Dubai Mall

More than 1,200 stores, a five-star hotel, 22 movie theaters, and 120 cafes and restaurants make it the world’s biggest.

The world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, can be accessed from this mall.

How many types of malls are there?

There are six types of malls, as listed below:

Regional Malls

If you’re looking for a wide variety of items and services in one location, find a regional mall in your area.

The shops in a typical regional mall are typically oriented inward and connected by a shared walkway, and parking is situated around the mall’s outer ring.

Super Regional Malls

In a super-regional mall, three or more anchors provide visitors with a wider range of items, as well as more mass merchants, in an enclosed mall.

More and more retail centers have many levels, making them popular destinations for locals and tourists alike.

Vertical Malls

Because property prices in densely crowded cities and nations were so exorbitant, current retailers found it difficult to imagine any form of a horizontal extension to handle growing crowds at their retail shops, which gave rise to the idea of towering malls.

Strip Malls

Strip malls

There are several different types of open-air retail establishments, including shopping plazas (also known as arcades or mini-malls), strip malls (also known as shopping plazas), and shopping arcades (also known as malls).

Strip malls are often constructed as a single unit, with plenty of space for parking in front.

A lack of pedestrian linkages to nearby neighborhoods is a common feature of these developments, which are located along busy thoroughfares.

Dead Malls

Dead malls are shopping centers that once operated normally but have since fallen out of favor with the public and now receive little to no foot traffic.

Because of this, shoppers aren’t going into these establishments even though they have all the amenities and retail outlets needed.

Some malls around the world, including those in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, have been pronounced, “dead.”

Outlet Malls

Manufacturers sell their items directly to the general public through their retail outlets in an outlet mall (also known as an outlet center), a brick-and-mortar (and sometimes online) shopping mall.

Outlet Malls

Other shops in the outlet mall offer returned and discounted merchandise, usually at a discount, for their customers.