What Is The Hottest Ocean On Earth?

The Indian Ocean is the hottest on Earth. It has the highest year-round temperature that allows it to remain warm almost every day of the year. Most of those measuring its temperature agree this ocean is warm at the surface, much like all other oceans that are cooler the deeper the measurement is taken.

The Indian Ocean is the hottest ocean in the world

The Indian Ocean has a surface temperature that can be as high as 19 degrees Celsius in the upper layer of the water. It’s not communicating with the Arctic Ocean which allows it to maintain a high temperature around the year.

Parts of this ocean are even known to be hotter than this average temperature. The hottest areas of the Indian Ocean are the Persian Gulf and the Red sea.

The Pacific Ocean is the second warmest in the world

Surface temperatures of up to 21 degrees Celsius can be measured in parts of the Pacific Ocean. But since this is such a large ocean (63.8 million square miles), parts of its water mass are even cold. For example, regular temperatures in the areas of the Pacific close to the Arctic and the Antarctic can still have a low -2 degrees Celsius temperature during the day at surface level.

The Indian Ocean remains the warmest in the world. It represents a top destination for swimmers and surfers as a result. Its waters are also warm around Sri Lanka and around New Guinea. It can be one of the areas where you can see its high temperature in person. Otherwise, its deeper areas are still too cool for swimming and it won’t seem as its truly the world’s hottest ocean. But most oceans tend to be cooler the deeper you measure temperatures and they are similar in yearly values below 300 feet.