What Is The Hourly Wage In The Dominican Republic?

The average hourly wage in the Dominican Republic is $2.14. This is based on the average salary in the country but it can be higher for certain specialized positions. To calculate the hourly wage in your area of work, you need to know how much you can earn in the Dominican Republic.

Most people earn around 20.000 DOP per month

The average wage of 20.000 DOP equates to around $340 per month. This isn’t much by US standards but it’s the wage most people in the country live on. This wage is typical for sectors such as retail, or the food and beverage industry. If you plan to work as a cashier or as a waiter in the Dominican Republic, you can expect to make a bit more than $2 per hour.

25% earn 56.000 DOP or less

Only a quarter of the working population earns more than 50.000 DOP per month. In fact, they earn 56.000 DOP on average. This equates to around $959 per month. This equates to around $5.9 per hour. These jobs are normally those in highly skilled areas.

You can expect to earn as much in the country as a bank clerk, a junior doctor, an experienced teacher, or as an IT worker. Most people earning as much per hour have either a higher education degree or some type of training that allows them to get ahead and specialized in one area of work.

How much you need to earn in the Dominican Republic

If you want to move to an exotic country, you need to earn at least the median wage if not above it. As a foreigner, you might have larger expenses. This means you need to pay rent and send the kids to school if you have a family. You might also have to pay more for car insurance as well as for other services.

This is why if you want to move to the Dominican Republic, you should be earning more than 20.000 per month. Ideally, you would have to be in the top 25% of the earners in the country who take around 56.000 DOP each month.

By US standards, you will be taking a pay cut when moving to the Dominican Republic. The average US salary is $56.000. This is barely comparable to the average $4.000 a Dominican Republic resident earns.

Final words

The average hourly wage in the Dominican Republic might not apply to you if you plan to move there on a highly-skilled visa and for a highly skilled job. If you don’t have any qualifications, you are likely to earn a bit more than the locals, but still close to the median yearly wage.

Physicians, dentists, and data scientists are among the highest earners in the country. Pharmacists and architects follow in terms of salaries. Even attorneys make considerably less than a qualified and experienced architect. But the highest paying jobs in the Dominican Republic are generally offered in healthcare.