What Is The Most Expensive City In Europe?

Geneva is Switzerland’s and Europe’s most expensive city. This international city in the center of the continent is the most expensive for rent, transportation, and food. Even basic food such as milk and eggs cost a few times more here than in other cities in Europe.

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Housing costs in Switzerland

It costs around $2.000 per month to rent a small studio flat in Geneva. An apartment or house with 3 rooms can cost more than $4.000 per month. This makes the city the most expensive when it comes to renting. It has some of the highest prices in the world, comparable to those in London and New York.

Apart from the rent itself, you also have to pay utilities in Geneva. 1 month of utilities in a small apartment can cost up to $130. Residents here are mostly busy working to afford this style of living. Those who don’t have the time to clean their house due to working long hours are expected to pay an average of $27 per hour for a cleaner.

Transportation costs in Switzerland

Transportation isn’t the most expensive in Europe, but it’s still above average. Gas costs around $1.7 per liter. A monthly public transport pass costs $74, which is a bit cheaper than in London. A short taxi ride can cost as much as $50 in Geneva. By far, traveling by taxi is the most expensive transportation method in the city. But you can always cycle and even walk to work as the city isn’t too big.

Food costs in Switzerland

You pay up to $10 for 9 eggs in Switzerland. 1kg of apples costs around $5. Even a combo meal in a fast-food restaurant is expensive. You can pay $16 to eat in a simple fast food place. If you want to have lunch out in the city, you will pay around $30. Even eating at home isn’t cheap in Geneva. A bread costs around $3.8, which makes it one of the most expensive pieces of bread in the world.

Entertainment costs in Switzerland

If you want to forget about your busy life and work, you still need entertainment. But the bad news it’s even more expensive in Geneva. You pay $85 for a basic meal for 2 in your local neighborhood pub. Tickets to the theatre can cost more than $100. A beer at the pub costs around $8. Even enjoying a basic cup of coffee is not cheap in Geneva as you’re expected to pay up to $6 for the cup.

While public health is good in Switzerland, it’s not always fast. Private doctor visits are very expensive and you can pay as much as $140 for a basic short visit. As a result, Geneva is the most expensive city in Europe and it tops all expenses lists except transport which is more expensive in London. Otherwise, you will need to earn a very good wage to live comfortably in Geneva.