What Is The Oldest Lake In The US?

Clear Lake in California is the oldest lake in the US. It has been formed 2.5 million years ago. The lake has a length of 19 miles and a width of 8 miles at its widest point. The lake is known as a popular destination for bass fishing. It is believed it can be the best spot to fish bass on the West Coast.

Clear Lake history

As the oldest lake in the US, Clear Lake has been the scene of many historical events. For much of its life, it has rarely seen humans on its shores. But today, the average 92 degrees weather in the summer and the average 32 degrees in the winter make it an attractive place to visit to escape the cold weather in the north.

Maybe this was why the native Pomo people lived here before the European settlers. But the lake and its islands have been the scene of a mass killing when the colonists came enslaved and slaughtered most Pomo people including children.

During World War II, the lake also saw considerable military activity. It was used as a water landing area for flying boats, a type of seaplane that the US military was famous for. If the conditions for water landing weren’t perfect in the San Francisco Bay, this historic lake would have been the second choice for WII pilots.

After its troublesome past, the lake’s beaches emerged as attractions for water sports. Apart from fishing, swimming, sailing, and surfing are popular sporting activities of the lake. Even if its size is smaller than it used to be due to volcanic activity, this lake is still the main destination in California for lake fishing and lake water sports as it has warm water temperature throughout the year.