What Lake Has The Most Fish In The World?

Lake Malawi in Africa is known to have the most species of fish. It’s estimated that over 700 species of cichlids live here. It is often impossible to know just how many species of fish live here exactly.

This is because the fish in Lake Malawi are very diverse and they can look different but come from the same species.

Overfishing risks

But the high number of fish in the lake is under threat. It is believed overfishing is the immediate threat to the species of fish of Lake Malawi. Shortly, climate change can also negatively impact a large number of fish found here.

Scientific research takes place here constantly at the moment. The high number of fish in the lake attracts marine biologists and other scientists since almost all fish species are endemic to Lake Malawi. This means you can only see these fish species here and not anywhere else in the world.

Other fish species found in high numbers include the champagne. This species is also diminishing in numbers. But the lake isn’t only known for its fish species. It’s also known for its swarms of flies. Most of these flies are safe. But when seen from distance, these flies can appear like smoke. Some of the first European explorers on the lake confused these swarms with smoke.

Possible pollution concerns

A radioactive spill happened in Lake Malawi in 2015. Fortunately, only 50 liters of contaminants reached the waters of the lake. These contaminants didn’t negatively impact the fish species of the lake. However, it goes to show such accidents can still happen in the future and what seems the ideal cichlid’s paradise could soon be diminished. Public policies are being established to protect this unique ecosystem.