What Was The United States Called Before 1776?

The US was called the United Colonies before 1776. These colonies weren’t exactly 50 as the number of states of the country. There were 13 colonies under the British rule that were considered the United Colonies.

Other territories of the US were under French domination. Some colonies were under Dutch domination. Territories in the Southern part of the country were under Spanish rule and some of them were sold to the US.

Did the United Colonies number 50 states?

The United Colonies did not include 50 states. Part of these colonies was under direct Spanish occupation. Southern California, parts of New Mexico, and a large part of Arizona were under direct Spanish rule. This situation changed when the Spanish sold the land to the United States.

What was the United States called before the colonies?

The United States was called differently according to age. Colonists such as Christopher Columbus led to its name of America, even if this name represented an entire continent. Before Columbus reached its shores, it’s believed Vikings have already been there. Around 500 years before Columbus, Vikings under Icelandic rule established Vinland, a territory in Northern America. The names of the United States were mostly influenced by the European discoverers.

Today, the United States bears its name that is rooted in history. All of its states came together under one nation that was finally independent. Long before the country we know today, its territories were vastly uninhabited or inhabited by different groups that were very distinct in culture. An example of this is Columbus’ notes on possible cannibals encountered in The Bahamas. But the United States finally become one country and it grew in popularity and international recognition under one name starting in 1776 without any foreign interference.