Where Are Ruggable Rugs Made?

If you’ve ever worried about keeping your rug clean – especially if you have small children or pets, Ruggable Rugs might be the solution that you are looking for.

Creator Jeneva Bell faced the same situation in 2010 and decided to do something about it. The result is a washable rug that has the beautiful qualities of Persian, Indian, and modern rugs.

Ms. Bell created the two-piece washable rug system.

The rugs are produced from suppliers in China, Mexico, South Korea, and Germany but each rug is made to order.

The rugs are then packed in Chicago or Los Angeles.

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About Ruggable Rugs

The company began with someone who was frustrated when an expensive rug was ruined by a pet.

washable rug

This started the founder to think about creating rugs that could be washable just like towels and washcloths.

The first rug she created was made from fabric that she found at a craft store.

What’s Special About Ruggable Rugs?

They are created to be beautiful despite the dirt, grime, and spills of everyday life. They are all machine washable.

The company provides rugs as doormats, rugs, and runners so that you create beautiful spaces throughout your home without the worry of spills, accidents, or damage.

The Problem with Traditional Rugs

Many people want the beautiful colors of a traditional rug but wonder how to maintain it and keep it clean from dust, wine spills, and pet stains.

Bathmats and other small area rugs are easily cleaned by tossing them into the washer, but larger rugs just can’t be treated that way.

Steam cleaning gets rugs clean, but many people don’t have access to these machines.

Ruggable Rugs offers a different, more convenient solution. Rugs that can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.

These rugs are available in the latest styles and are lightweight and stain resistant.

Public Response to Ruggable Rugs

positively reviewed

Consumers who have tried Ruggable Rugs have found that they solve many problems that they have with the traffic from active families to pet owners.

Through media outlets, they have been positively reviewed through Forbes, NBC, and New York Magazine.

In the process of growing its brand awareness, the company has also developed a 1.5-million-member social network.

In fact, they won the “Next Big Thing” from the NBC Today Show in 2018.

What Makes Ruggable Rugs Different?

There are several features that make Ruggable Rugs different from traditional rugs. First, they are machine washable.

What really makes them different is that they are designed with a two-piece system that makes them easy to use.

The next features include a cling effect technology that keeps the rug in place. Also, all the products are made with sustainable materials.

These features give you the colors and designs you love while still being able to keep everything clean and tidy.

How the Ruggable Rug System Works

While simple, the effectiveness of the Ruggable Rug system in the two-piece patented rug system.

A non-slip bottom pad clings to the floor and secures the rug in place. Then a patterned cover is placed on top.

Rug System

This ability to cling to each other keeps the rug’s components in place. It also gives you the opportunity to switch out rug covers whenever you want.

This can give you the option to change your decor at a moment’s whim.

Ruggable Rugs do not absorb liquids because they are produced from 95% recycled polyester. This makes them water and stain-resistant but also hypoallergenic.

Being able to regularly clean your rugs keeps allergens away.

The Downside of Ruggable Rugs

While the concept and design of these rugs are appealing to many people, there are a couple of things that may not make them the most suitable for everyone.

First, the larger rugs may not be able to fit into a standard washing machine. The second thing is that if you want samples of the rugs prior to purchase, you will need to buy them.

The Benefits of Ruggable Rugs

There are many positives to these rugs. There are over 590 different styles in a variety of sizes. All the rugs are machine washable.

Another benefit is that every Ruggable Rug is made exactly for you. While being latex free and hypoallergenic, they are perfect for every area of your home.

This is helpful if there are family members that have allergies or sensitivities.


When paying for your Ruggable Rug, several payment options and discount codes are available.

Also, there is free shipping to the US and Canada.

If there is a problem with your rug order through the Ruggable website, a full refund is available when the product is returned.

Ge the Ruggable Rug Size That You Need for the Spaces in Your Home

With so many designs to choose from, you may be picking out rugs for various spaces in your home.

Maybe your foyer could use the lift that a colorful runner can give it? Or define your living room or kitchen space with a unique rug that will anchor the design of the space.

There are nine rug sizes, but four sizes are very popular with consumers. These include the 8’ x 10’, 6’ x 9’, 5’ x 7’, and 3’ 5’.

These can be used in a variety of spaces from the foyer to the family room.

Available Ruggable Rug Colors

There are so many options with Ruggable Rugs that you may find yourself picking out a variety of options.

Colors can definitely influence a space so finding the right pattern and color can seem challenging.

Through the Ruggable Rugs website, you are able to sort through the many available colors to find the one that fits your space.

The options include blue/green, grey/silver, black, multicolor, naturals, and whites/creams. There are many designs within each color category that you can find the right rug for your decor.

From cool colors to warmer ones, it’s easy to create the effect that you are looking for in each space of your home.


Finding the Ruggable Rug Style for Your Home

Whatever your tastes or style, there is a Ruggable Rug to suit your home. One of the benefits of Ruggable Rugs is that you can change out the rug covers whenever your feel like it.

This means that you can instantly change the style of a rug by simply changing the rug.

Available styles range from Moroccan and Bohemian to Persian. Tribal patterns are available, but perhaps more modern geometric, contemporary, or floral designs are more your style.

Perhaps you are somewhere in the middle so that traditional, ombre, or transitional styles that combine old-world styling with contemporary features are more to your taste.

Where to Find Ruggable Rugs

If you’ve become interested in these rugs, they are available through the Ruggable Rugs website.

They are also available through online retailers such as Amazon. However, closer to home, they are for sale through major retailers such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, and Walmart.

Additional retailers include Home Depot, Target, Lowe’s, and Pier 1. While it is easy to shop online, sometimes there is a benefit to experiencing the product in person.

Realize, however, that brick and mortar retail shops may not have the inventory and return policy that the Ruggable Rugs website has.

Washing Instructions for Ruggable Rugs

The benefits of a Ruggable Rug have been defined as being stylish and washable, as well as hypoallergenic.

So how do you actually wash a Ruggable Rug? The answer is simple.

washing instruction

Most products fit into a standard washing machine. The machine should be set on cold water setting with a mild detergent.

When the cycle is finished, hang the rug to dry or put it into the dryer on a low setting.

It’s that easy. That is the beauty of maintaining your Ruggable Rugs product. It will stay beautiful for many years with simple care.

Spot Cleaning for Accidents

If you do not have time to wash the rug cover but have had an accident, you can spot-clean your Ruggable Rug very simply.

Make sure that any solids or liquids are blotted up, then gently pat the surface of the rug with warm soapy water.

Be sure to rinse with clear, clear water.

Ruggable Rugs are the perfect solutions for many areas in your home. From a runner in the foyer to an area rug in the living room, these rugs can take everything from spills on game day to the everyday dirt and grime that comes into your home.

Take the time to explore this new technology for home interiors and let your creativity expand.

While a traditional rug may not be the right fit for you and your family, Ruggable Rugs can give you the style that you are wanting but with the practicality you need.

layered faux

Explore the inventory online or visit a retailer to see the quality for yourself. Everyone wants a home that has style but also is functional for the demands that everyday life brings.

That’s where Ruggable Rugs can help.