Which Country Has the Most Fish Species?

Australia is the country with the largest number of fish species. This country is believed to have more than 4.930 species of fish.

The climate and the protective legislature in Australia make this land perfect for various beautiful species of fish.

Since there are thousands of them, you might not know which to fish. Here are a few representative Australian fish species.

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People come from all over the world to fish Barramundi. This vivacious fish species is one of the most fun to fish. This is due to the fact that it has an almost instant spectacular bite that delights fishermen.

It is found in parts of Australia such as Queensland. Interestingly, Barramundi lives both in freshwater and in saltwater.

It can reach a maximum weight of 90 pounds in adulthood which makes it a fun catch, particularly for those with potent fishing gear.

Giant Black Marlin

Giant Black Marlin

This saltwater species of fish is also spectacular. But you need a boat to get out to open waters to fish it.

Most of those going for the Giant Marlin are found with their boats around the Great Barrier Reef, a spectacular area unique in the world.

It’s here that you can try boat fishing and try to catch a Giant Black Marlin yourself. You need the best fishing line for this task as this fish can be heavier than 1.000 pounds when it reaches adulthood.



You don’t need to over-plan your mackerel fishing trip to Australia. This species of fish is caught around the year and it is found in large numbers in the Southern part of the country.

But this type of fish is largely sought after by fishermen as it is predatory. You recognize a mackerel by its narrow head and sharp teeth which are spectacular at catching small species of fish.

This is why you can use various types of fish bait to catch mackerel. This species isn’t endangered and you are able to fish it during any season.

You can also see it in aquariums around the country as it attracts visitors with its sharp teeth.



Swordfish is one of the most delicious types of fish you can eat in restaurants around the world. This fish species isn’t only found in Australia, but it has large numbers in the saltwater around the country.

It is one of the tastiest and most popular fish at top world restaurants such as those in Spain and Denmark.

For many years, it has been believed that the sword part of this fish has been used against sharks. But this theory is yet unproven.

It’s probably used to kill prey, but we don’t know this for sure either.

What we know is that you can find millions of swordfish to catch around Australia and it can offer one of the most spectacular fishing experiences in a country with thousands of species of fish.

You normally find it at the surface of the water as it prefers warm temperatures.