Which Sea Has The Best Fish?

The Pacific Ocean is the best for fish species. It has been known as the home of multiple popular types of fish including sardines, salmon, swordfish, tuna, shellfish, and snapper. Fishing in the Pacific Ocean is an activity that has been going on for thousands of years and a large number of fish found in its waters has sustained human life on its shores for a long time.

Types of best fishes found in the Pacific Ocean

The Pacific is known to be a top fishing location for various fish. Herring is one of the species found here in abundance. Herring is a species that prefers shallow waters and as a result, it is found in large banks around the North Pacific. Herring is also found in the shallow water areas of the North Atlantic, but to a lesser extent.

Salmon is another fantastic fish species found in the Pacific. We now believe salmon is a type of fish mostly found in rivers but this species is anadromous which means that it migrates a lot from the ocean to rivers where it reproduces. Salmon has been introduced to certain areas of the world after the human intervention, which is the case with the Great Lakes between the USA and Canada. But salmon is normally a fish of the ocean only returning to rivers from reproduction. Some types of salmon have been cut off from the ocean. In this case, salmon still migrates to its place of birth for reproduction as shown by preliminary studies.

Sardines are also a type of fish commonly found in the Pacific Ocean. Frequently referred to as the Pacific Sardines, this type of fish is very popular across the world. It is largely found in Indo-Pacific and East Pacific waters.

Tuna is one of the healthiest fish and one of the species consumed daily across the world. 68% of the tuna you see in stores comes from the Pacific. The Pacific Bluefin tuna is a type of fish found in these waters.

Are the best fish healthy?

These best fish have been known to be troublesome, particularly due to high mercury levels. Mercury comes from heavy industries such as mining. High mercury levels in tuna have been causes of concern and to an extent, they still are. However, statistics are showing mercury in ocean tuna is dropping by 4.8% per year which means this species is becoming healthy once again.