Why Is The USA So Important?

The USA is the true modern world superpower. The country is a world leader in areas such as economic growth, military power, political influence, and technological advancement. Public policies such as the encouragement of highly-skilled migration with a Visa-Greencard program of people from around the world help it consolidate its status.

The large population of the country as well as its vast territories help it become an even more important player in the world. With hundreds of millions of citizens, it has vast human resources that not many countries can rely upon. Here are a few areas which prove the USA is as important as you might think.

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Early European expeditions fascinate history fans

It all starts with the establishment of the country as we know it. No other country has seen so much colonial interest in terms of historic findings. The USA was the New World and its discovery is credited to Amerigo Vespucci, Christopher Columbus, and the Vikings. Its unexplored lands were inhabited by natives, but they didn’t have the economic force to make themselves known outside of their continent.

The first colonies established by Europeans created vast lands with a different social approach. From the cramped European cities, colonists found vast free lands which they used to create big cities with large streets and larger homes. This started to make America known around the world as a place of opportunity and a better life.

Cultural and post-slavery influence

The US used African slaves in high numbers to develop the newly-discovered land. Slavery played a crucial role in farming, construction, and transport links developments. But the US is also a country that fought to abolish slavery. The Civil Rights movements here influenced the concepts of free-living around the world.

Military influence

The US shortly became the dominant military power in the world. Recent wars and invasions such as the ones in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq show the country’s true status as the world’s most prominent military power.

The US also secured much of Europe through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This is the largest military organization in the world and it aims to create a safe-space between its member countries. If one member state is attacked, it is defended by all other member states.

The economic dominance of the USA

The economic power of the US might be the most important. Its capital-based market created a competitive space and it led to the appearance of many internationally-recognized businesses. Some of the most important American brands include Ford Manufacturing, Apple, and Facebook. All of them are listed on the stock market. Here are a few interesting facts about the US economy.

It is estimated that the average homeowner in the US has about 700 square feet to live in. This is up to 100% more than the average space homeowners have in other developed countries.

The New York Stock Exchange is the biggest of its kind in the world. It traded more than $22 trillion in 2019 which goes to show investments and investment opportunities are still the highest or very high compared to other regions of the world.

Labor mobility is often undervalued when assessing the importance of the US. But its citizens are some of the most mobiles around the world. We’ve seen mass migration from Asia and Latin America in the early 20th century. The imported workforce proved beneficial. Even in-country mobility is very high. The Great Migration is a process in which those working on Southern farms moved to the industrialized cities of the North for job opportunities.

IT influence and world dominance

Tech giants also helped consolidate the importance of the United States in the world. The IT revolution that started in the ‘90s led to the creation and rapid growth of the world’s largest tech giants. Apple is one of the country’s most prominent players in the hardware and software world. It holds exclusive rights to iPhone manufacturing.

Microsoft is another US-based company that impacted the tech world like no other. Its computers’ operating systems are considered the best and the easiest to work with today.

Social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube are also based in the US. These companies shape the social media world and public policies like no other online companies.

Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer, also headquartered in the US. Its simple online shopping experienced is copied by almost all other rivals trying to emulate its success. Alternatives such as Asian Alibaba are still catching up in terms of online shopping.

The cultural and entertainment capital of the world

The US is also the entertainment capital of the world. Movies and TV shows here influence the world of media across the world. There’s no second closest entertainment capital or a comparable hub anywhere else around the world. It’s also true that the American entertainment market is bigger and different than other markets across the world.

Education and universities

Some of the best universities in the world are found in the United States. Healthcare studies, tech studies, and business studies here are some of the best in the world. These top universities are notorious for being very difficult to enroll in as they only choose the best students from the country or from around the world. The result is a growing and useful research community with some of the highest grants for scientific research anywhere in the world.

The English language dominates international communication

The biggest impact of the US around the world was the popularization of the English language. The British are known for their role in this process as well, especially during the colonization periods. But the US made the entire world speak English. Travelers, businessmen, and politicians tend to speak English in any international meeting today.

The impact of the language can be seen even in the EU, a political union that has no English-speaking country after Brexit but still speaks English in many of its meetings. From the shores of Southern America to the ports of China, English is an international trading language that helps consolidate the role of the US.

US companies around the world

All of these elements combined have led to the appearance of large US companies trading even outside of the country. Walmart, Apple, Costco, Chevron, Intel, Pepsi, and Hewlett Packard are just a few of the companies influencing the world economy. From giant retail players to tech giants or multi-national food companies, the US influences consumer goods more than any other nation.

The American Dream

The USA is important and its role is changing as we see from history. If it used to be the largest manufacturing hub in the world, it is now a country of tech innovation with strong financial services and reputable higher education institutions. It’s also one of the largest food producers in the world. All of these elements are combined with its cultural influence and these shape the country as we know it today.

The ethos of ‘The American Dream’ encompasses all of these strengths. It embodies principles of liberty, democracy, and opportunity like no other country. This ethos is even written in the country’s Declaration of Independence where it states ‘all men are created equal’, an idea that helped shape the US into the country it is today.