Why Is Vitamix So Expensive in Europe?

Hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have chosen the path of making their healthy meals, including their daily smoothies.

In Europe, the homemade blended juice craze, especially using Vitamix blenders, is in full swing.

However, purchasing the tools to make these power juices can prove costly. Which begs the question: Why is Vitamix so expensive in Europe?

Selling in Europe (assuming you evaluate shopping costs as well as taxes) is a costly endeavor for Vitamix.

Additionally, European clients buying in the US for use in Europe would hurt their dealers in Europe, so they don’t want it to happen.

higher selling price in Europe

Vitamix enthusiasts in other countries typically buy a unit from a US reseller to use in their native country to save money.

However, this may or may not be a good idea.

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What is Vitamix?

All Vitamix blenders do what regular blenders do at higher quality plus accomplish more than any other blender can.

It’s like using a simple idea and making it into far more than it was originally intended. Vitamix has a wide range of professional blenders that may be used to make everything from desserts to stews and much more because they blend faster and retain more of the food’s nutrients.

The Barnards are the only owners and operators of Vitamix. After William Grover Barnard started selling new kitchen equipment across the country in 1921, the firm was born.

China is used for Vitamix production, whereas the United States designs the items.

Why is the Vitamix 5200 so popular?

Even its closest competitors can’t match the performance of the Vitamix 5200’s blades. The powered bottom of the Vitamix 5200 houses a 64-ounce container including a 10-speed manual mode.

The 5200 is a typical blender in terms of functions, with no frills or ribbons, and no pre-programmed options.

The Blendtec 575, on the other hand, has a slew of additional features.

Blendtec 575

It only has five-speed settings, compared to the 10 on the Vitamix 5200, but it also includes four pre-programmed options: 60 and a 90-second blend, smoothie, and clean, wherein you run the 575 with water as well as dishwashing detergent to clean it.

Is Vitamix compatible with the electrical system in Europe?

The Vitamix’s 110-120-volt AC demand can be converted to the 220-240-volt AC found in Europe, Asia, as well as roughly two-thirds of the planet with the help of a good, reliable, top-notch downgrade voltage converter.

ACUPWR, an international company that transforms voltage transformers, is the ideal gateway for utilizing a 110-120-volt Vitamix blender, as well as a processor in nations with 220-240-volt AC.

Vitamix’s well-known Professional Series 750, for instance, uses roughly 1500 watts/volt-amps when operating at maximum capacity Since the Vitamix requires 110/120-volt electrical power, you’ll use the AD-1500 step-down transformer.

As a bonus, the powerful AMETEK Lamb mechanisms seen in Vitamix appliances are particularly good with 50 Hz as well as 60 Hz AC, and there’s really no danger of its motor spinning too rapidly with the 50 Hz AC prevalent in Europe, and eventually frying.

Can you order directly from Vitamix when in Europe?

International delivery might not always be available if you’ve tried to purchase from Vitamix’s website in America or the United Kingdom.

purchase from Vitamix's website

You will learn how easy it is to have any product from Vitamix among other retailers in the United States or the United Kingdom shipped to any place in the world below.

What are the steps to purchasing Vitamix internationally?

A foreign buyer must go through two steps before they purchase a Vitamix blender and then get it shipped to them.

To begin, find an International Shipping Forwarder.

Package forwarders in the United States and the United Kingdom can be used if Vitamix doesn’t ship to your country.

They have the best deals, are tax-free, and are the most renowned packaging forwarder for US and UK deliveries.

Before anyone sends something to MyUS, you’ll be able to know exactly how much the international shipping will cost.

MyUS’ premium service may execute your Vitamix transaction for you if you run into any problems.

Secondly, purchase Vitamix merchandise from their official website

Your Vitamix purchase is complete once you’ve entered your US or UK shipping information as well as navigated through a savings page.

Which European countries does Vitamix ship to?

package forwarder

You may mail Vitamix to any nation or area in the world with a package forwarder. Included are North, Central, and South American countries as well as the Caribbean Islands, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

You should know that personal shopper services can let you buy from any business, including Vitamix, even if the store blocks or does not ship to freight forwarders.

How much does Vitamix shipping cost?

The weight of your order and the location to which it is being shipped have an impact on the price.

To get an idea of how much it will cost to send your Vitamix, you can utilize MyUS’ simple shipping rate calculator.

The good thing is that you don’t have to fret over additional expenses since you’ll only get billed for the weight of the box.

Additionally, MyUS will consolidate your products into a single box to save you money on shipping.

How long do Vitamix products take to arrive?

Your Vitamix order will be processed by MyUS within 1–2 business days after it arrives (excluding weekends and holidays).

According to the shipping option you chose, you should receive your order within 1–12 days after it has been shipped.

There’s no telling how long it will take for your Vitamix order to arrive at MyUS. It all depends on the store’s shipping policies and delivery periods.

It could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Does a package forwarder offer refunds or return services?

Refunds or Return

Yes, MyUS will assist you with exchanges if you get an incorrect or defective product. Even if your products arrive broken at their location, they’ll contact you right away, so you don’t have to wait for the purchase to reach you before discovering the problem.

Requesting comprehensive images of your purchases from Vitamix can also help ensure that you received the correct things.

However, each store is unique. While most retailers will gladly accept returns and issue refunds, you may be required to cover the cost of return shipping in some cases.

You should check Vitamix’s return as well as the refund policy before completing your purchase.

How do I track my international orders from Vitamix?

MyUS makes it simple to keep tabs on your package once it leaves the US or the UK when you order from one of those countries.

Inside the Incoming Packages area of your client’s account on their webpage, you can enter information about the order.

You’ll also be able to monitor your freight through your customer account when your item has arrived from Vitamix.

Why does The New York Times rate Vitamix the best blender?

According to a New York Times report, from 2012 until the present, Vitamix blenders have consistently come out on top in their evaluations.

A standard Vitamix 5200 can produce smooth peanut butter as well as purée heavy soup without spilling scorching fluid over the sides of the container.

Rate Vitamix

Preset buttons are absent, but it does have the biggest range of speeds of any blender tested.

Almost all commercial kitchens, as well as juice pubs, use it.

It’s also one of the most dependable and long-lasting blenders, with a seven-year warranty from Vitamix covering any motor burnout issues.

Is Vitamix the best blender?

Experts say that the Vitamix blender’s price is well worth the quality of the product.

Aside from making juice and smoothies, this blender may also be used to grind and process food.

Vitamix blenders are more precise when it pertains to determining performance because of their machine-like nature.

So, if you’re looking for a blender that can do everything from juice to whip to blend to puree, go no further than this high-tech model.

Are Vitamix blenders durable and multi-faceted?

Is it important for you to get the most value for money when purchasing a blender? If this is the case, investing in a Vitamix blender might be an affordable and long-term answer.

The most striking feature of this blender is its ability to liquefy Vitamin C. A 7-in-1 kitchen gadget.

All of these functions are possible thanks to the machine’s versatility.

The efficiency of your blender is largely dependent on the design of its blade. You’ll be glad you bought a Vitamix because the blades are made of aircraft-grade stainless steel.

blender blade

You can swiftly and efficiently grind things like nuts, seeds, and coffee beans with this new blade design.

Is it easy to clean the Vitamix blender?

Another aspect of this blender that will win you over is how easy it is to clean. Simply pour hot water over the blender to sanitize it after each use.

Dry the blender out with a dry cloth.

Use hot water to fill the blender and dishwashing detergent for a few seconds if you think it needs a thorough cleaning for a few seconds to a minute.

After that, rinse it well under running water and pat it dry with a clean, dry cloth.

How reliable is the Vitamix blender?

Research based on user ratings found that Vitamix products have a 6% chance of having a technical fault within the first four years, which is better than just about any company in the market.

Blendtec as well as Breville, on the other hand, have a 15 percent and 16 percent chance of malfunctioning, respectively.

The Vitamix welcomes users with a 10-year guarantee (covering return shipping, parts, and performance) and exceptional customer service, making it one of the most welcoming blenders on the market.

You should know that the Certified Vitamix blenders are covered for five years by the manufacturer, as well.