Will A Bear Eat You Alive?

A bear will eat you alive in certain conditions. But in most face-to-face encounters, bears will not attack you and they won’t eat you alive.

There are so many myths about bears that it can seem impossible to distinguish facts from fiction. Here are a few good rules to guide your outdoor trips into bear territories.

Buy bear pepper spray

A pepper spray for bears can be a good form of defense before you get eaten alive. You might not know it yet, but this small spray can save your life.

But as far as news reports go, you also need to find out bears can still attack you even if you use pepper spray on them.

Don’t run from bears

A bear can reach speeds of around 30 miles per hour. This means there are small chances you can outrun a bear in case of direct confrontation.

Furthermore, a bear might think you are worthy of a chase. It’s best to stand your ground when you encounter a bear.

Drop on the ground

In case you can’t face the idea of seeing the bear in the eyes, you need to drop to the ground. You can protect your head while facing the ground.

However, this method hasn’t been as proven as others. Take The Revenant as an example. The movie exemplifies properly how a bear can still attack you even if you play dead.

Know the difference between bears

Not all bears are the same. Some are more aggressive than others. Most bears can get quite territorial. In most cases, you are likely to meet a grizzly bear or a black bear.

Grizzly bear

Grizzly bear

Grizzly bears tend to be very territorial. They protect their cubs aggressively against humans and animals. You can expect a grizzly bear to charge and trample you over at any time.

This bear is strong and it can simply lie on a human to suffocate and kill it. With big claws and sharp teeth, there are no denying grizzlies are dangerous, we’ve seen them in The Revenant.

Black bear

Black bear

Black bears tend to be more peaceful. Even when they’re trying to protect their cubs, they are less likely to charge at you. The best chances of escaping a black bear are to stand your ground until it leaves.

Bluff attacks

Both grizzlies and black bears are known for bluff attacks. They mimic an attack but they don’t want a direct confrontation with you.

This is a typical sign they are protecting an area either for their cubs or for the high amount of natural food in the area. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to establish if an attack is imminent or a bluff.

To avoid such confrontations, it’s best to stick to the trails when hiking or when out in the woods. It’s also a good idea to keep talking as sounds can warn bears about your premises.

The last thing you want is to surprise a bear who will think you are planning an attack and fight back.