Will Pigs Eat A Human?

Pigs are omnivores and they can eat humans given the occasion. Pigs, boars, and wild hogs can easily eat humans if they’re hungry and if they manage to attack a person.

We know from history that pigs are some of the greatest survivors of the animal kingdom. This is because they can eat anything. In most situations of domesticated pigs, they don’t attack humans if not starving. Most pigs raised at home or on farms are fed every day. It’s unlikely but not improbable for them to directly attack their caretakers.

When pigs eat humans

There are endless stories of pigs eating each other in case of hunger. Pigs are also known to kill and eat their offspring in case of famine. It can take as little as one week for a pig to attack another pig in captivity when they aren’t fed.

Farmers can attest pigs kills other pigs easily. It’s often a game of survival of the fittest when it comes to pigs. At the same time, you should also consider pigs aren’t as likely to attack the caretaker or a person that feeds them frequently.

In time, domestic pigs recognize the caretaker and they approach the person waiting for food. But most of those raising pigs attest they don’t trust these animals.

Pigs eat people for meat and they rarely attack as they aren’t true predators. This being said, history books are full of horror stories and man-eating pigs.

Take World War I and World War II as examples. These wars have caused hundreds of millions of victims and wounded. Pigs have been reported to simply eat the dead people on the streets and fields. Pigs have also been reported to eat the wounded people on the streets while still alive.

This goes to show pigs are rarely stopped by an eating opportunity given the occasion. You can even consider pigs as some of the most adaptive species in terms of food.

Horses don’t eat anything. Chicken is usually peaceful. But pigs eat meats, fruits, bread, and vegetables. They even like to dig through garbage to find food when on the loose. As a result, pigs tend to get fat quickly.

In terms of aggression, it is believed home-raised pigs are more aggressive than boars. This might be surprising to some, but it turns out boars are less accustomed to humans and they tend to run away when they see you.

Feed pigs properly

Most pigs won’t bite and attack if not hungry. Pigs tend not to care about human presence when there’s food. Even when you surprise them by eating out in the wild, pigs are less likely to run away as long as they’re eating.

But pigs can become aggressive and desperate if unfed for days and weeks. In about 2 weeks, pigs will start to attack other pigs, humans, and animals in a desperate survival attempt. It’s your job to ensure your pigs never reach this point by feeding them properly every day.