The 8 Biggest Zoos in New England

New England is situated in North-East USA. This vast area includes the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

While this area is vast, it doesn’t have too many zoos for you to visit. This is why you will need to choose one of the following destinations if you want to see animals from all over the world yourself.

8. Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, CT

Image: Facebook / Mystic Aquarium

Located in Connecticut, this impressive aquarium is a popular summertime destination. Beluga whales are the most impressive creatures here.

These types of wales are known for having a friendly temper and they can be considered some of the most spectacular as they are all-white.

These types of wales grow in the oceans of the Northern Hemisphere.

Sand sharks can also be seen here. These fast sharks are normally difficult to see in their natural habitat.

They only live in exotic climates with warm waters. A selection of penguins from around the world can also be found here.

7. Woods Hole Science Aquarium, Falmouth MA

Image: Woods Hole Science Aquarium

Located in Massachusetts, this small aquarium is best for those who like sear life and fish. It features a selection of local fish that is sometimes released back into the wild.

Most people come here around the seals feeding time, as it can be a spectacle to watch. But you will also learn more about types of fish that grow in the area such as salmon here.

6. Animal Adventures, Bolton, Massachusetts

Image: Facebook / Animal Adventures

Animal Adventures is the largest private animal establishment in the state. It runs similarly to a visitor-friendly farm. You can visit it with your kids who can get to pet most of the animals here.

From parrots to kangaroos, your kids can see all types of large and small animals here.

Guided tours are available at this location. You can call and book a spot in advance to ensure you don’t have to wait in line on busy days.

Each tour has its guide which teaches you more about what these animals eat and how they live.

But Animal Adventures first started as a rescue center and this can still be seen in the top-quality care most animals get here.

5. Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence Rhode Island

Image: Roger Williams Park Zoo

Located in Providence, Roget Williams Park Zoo is one of the largest and friendlies in the area. It has been planned in a local forest which gives this zoo a natural habitat to remember.

You can walk the pathways of the park to look at different animals. Maps of the park are found all over with the biggest one being seen at the zoo’s entrance.

There are over 100 animal species here from all around the world. Some come from Africa and they tend to attract large crowds.

The African elephant is one of the favorites. Red pandas and komodo dragons are also highly popular here.

Since the location is relaxing for the animals, Roger Williams Park Zoo is also part of various breeding programs.

They can be seen as some of the best when it comes to protecting endangered species in this part of the US.

4. The Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk Connecticut

Image: Facebook / The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk

Local Long Island heritage might be difficult to gather under one roof when it comes to the animal world.

But this is what The Maritime Aquarium tries to do. The location is very easy to reach by the South Norwalk train. But you can also drive there.

Under the current pandemic, kids in the area come here to learn more about the animal world.

You can join the little ones by booking an online ticket which also comes with a designated visiting spot.

There’s a limit to how many people can enter the place at any given time.

3. Buttonwood Park Zoo, New Bedford Massachusetts

Image: Buttonwood Park Zoo

This fantastic zoo is one of the best for kids and adults alike. Amphibians, birds, mammals, and even invertebrates can be found here.

This place is a top location for activities, seeing animals, and looking into a more relaxed way of life.

From carousels to train rides you can choose all types of complementary activities.

Conservation projects are also underway at the Buttonwood Park Zoo. For an establishment that is not situated in one of the major US cities, it already has plenty to offer.

The red panda is the star animal here.

2. Southwick’s Zoo, Mendon, MA

Image: Southwick’s Zoo

There are many fun activities and animals to see at Southwick’s Zoo. The vinegaroon or the Asian water monitor is among the rare species here.

Among the largest and most spectacular prey animals, we also find the American alligator here.

Those interested in exotic animals also have plenty to see here. The Bengal tiger is one of the animals that attract plenty of visitors together with the elegant black swan.

1. Zoo New England, Boston, MA

Image: Facebook / Franklin Park Zoo

Zoo New England is the biggest zoo in the area. It has excellent funding and it also generates a lot of resources from its daily visitors by ticket sales. This zoo offers sights of some of the wildest animals such as giraffes and tigers.

Wolves are here in high numbers together with tigers for those interested in rare wild animals that don’t live in New England.

But this zoo is not the place you only visit once as it runs multiple programs and special events.

This winter season, Zoo New England organizes the ZooLights events. These are an excellent nighttime activity part of the Boston Lights lantern experience.

With festive lights around the zoo at night, you can experience this animal kingdom with new eyes at night. However, you need to book your tickets early as the event runs with sold-out dates from August to late November.

If you can’t visit Zoo New England during the Covid pandemic, there’s still hope to see the animals living there. You can book an online virtual encounter through the official website.

Now you have the opportunity to visit a zoo virtually without even living in your house.