Top 30 Most Beautiful States in America

A country as large as the United States is bound to have a cornucopia of breathtaking scenery, and you’ll find something special in every single state in the country. From the snowy mountain peaks in Washington to the white sandy shores of Florida and everywhere in between, “America the Beautiful” is more than just a … Read more

The 30 Longest Bridges in the United States

Bridges are one of the best inventions of humanity, making way for convenient and faster travel across bodies of water. The longest bridge in the United States by length is Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, with a total length of 38,442 meters. Over the years and as innovation has progressed, bridges have gone from being made from … Read more

The 30 Most Liberal Cities in the World

What makes a city liberal? By definition, liberality is described as the openness to new ideas and support of individual rights. Categorizing a liberal city is based on the people’s response to several socio-economic issues including gender equality, openness to the LGBTQ+ community, and environmental impacts. Having positive responses and the same views on these … Read more

The 30 Countries with the Highest Alcohol Consumption in the World

A drink or two of alcohol is considered social drinking. However, too many drinks can be harmful to a person’s health. A drink of alcohol contains 0.6 oz of pure alcohol, which is equivalent to a can of beer or a glass of wine. Despite the fact that alcohol is often enjoyed on special occasions, … Read more

The 30 Countries That Have Had The Most Wars

Every country in the world has had some involvement with war at one time or another, but there is no denying the fact that some countries are far more war-stricken than others.  While many of these countries were fighting for their independence, there have been numerous instances when a war was set into motion to … Read more

The 30 Hottest Cities in The World

It’s common to dream about a warm, sunny place – especially if you’re someone who lives in one of the world’s coldest countries. And there are many cities around the world that boast warm climates year-round, but what about the world’s hottest cities? First of all, how do we determine which cities are the hottest? … Read more

The 30 Biggest Malls in the World

If you’ve ever stepped inside a mega-mall, you know what an overwhelming experience it can be. After all, these enormous malls are like small communities; they offer a wide range of services in a single space. Shopping is just a small part of the experience – visitors come to dine, meet friends, and experience some … Read more

The 30 Best Cheap Eats On And Around The Las Vegas Strip

Just about everybody has a visit to Las Vegas on their bucket list, and who could blame them? This lively city is the capital of nighttime entertainment with endless casinos and venues ready to explore.  It gives New York a run for its money as the city that never sleeps, and you can find a … Read more

The 25 Tallest Bridges in the United States (With Pictures!)

Many states across the US have spent billions of dollars over the years to create some of the most spectacular bridges, taking you across gorges, rivers, mountain paths, and even the sea. Some bridges are breathtakingly beautiful yet scary, especially when you get up close. They all have their significance, from memorials to high-end designs … Read more

Why Would an Author Have Multiple Purposes for Writing?

There are several purposes authors use for writing, the most common ones being to persuade, inform, entertain, and explain. Although texts usually have one primary purpose, there are texts that have more than one purpose. The reason an author might have more than one purpose for writing would depend on the author and their text. … Read more

The 10 Best Restaurants like Hooters

From sports bars to cafes, there is just something about a server in a striking uniform that has people lining up at the door.  If you want to explore more of the restaurants that have made their livelihood with the help of their attractive waitstaff, then you have to check out this list of the … Read more

How Much Would Bob Cratchit Earn Today?

If you love the holidays, chances are you’ve heard of A Christmas Carol. This Charles Dickens classic was written in 1843 and has been adapted into numerous films, plays, operas, and more. The main character in A Christmas Carol is Bob Cratchit, a poor clerk struggling to make ends meet and working for Ebenezer Scrooge. … Read more

What Percentage of the World Population Celebrates Christmas?

Christmas is a Christian celebration that takes place on December 25th every year. Christians recognize this day as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, making it their most important holiday of the year apart from Easter. While Christmas is a Christian holiday, hence the name, people from many different faiths take part in … Read more

How Long Is a Life Sentence in New York?

Crime is an unfortunate part of reality across the globe. From ancient civilizations through to modern day, crime has remained a concern, although it has been dealt with very differently as civilizations were established and populations grew. Today, people who commit illegal activities such as theft, assault, and murder are subject to imprisonment when found … Read more

What Is a Rolling Backpack?

Rolling backpacks are commonly seen in school hallways, from elementary to post-secondary. Some people find this inconvenient and would prefer that people merely carry their backpacks instead. Rolling backpacks, also called roller backpacks, are even seen as outdated or uncool by college students. On the other hand, some students and even employees, see roller backpacks … Read more