The 30 Largest Zoos in the United States

There is no better way to enjoy wildlife than going to the zoo over the weekend. The zoo is great for all ages and has various exhibits and events for adults, children, and the elderly. Not only can you witness majestic creatures, but you can also learn about their importance through education and conservation programs. … Read more

Are Dogs Allowed at the San Diego Zoo?

More than 4,000 animals await your arrival at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, so plan on having a wild day. There are a total of 480 distinct species included in this total. Visiting an AZA-affiliated institution means you can rest assured that the animals will be kept in conditions that are as humane … Read more

Does the Fort Worth Zoo Have Restaurants?

As the fifth-largest city in the Lone Star State, Fort Worth, Texas, has a lot to offer in terms of family attractions and fun things to do with friends. Fort Worth Zoo is one of the most popular attractions altogether with over one million yearly visitors. Fort Worth Zoo not only has over 7,000 animal … Read more

What Animals Are at the Reston Zoo (Roer’s Zoofari)?

The Reston Zoo was recently taken over by new management, Vanessa Stoffel and Jacob Roer. They will continue to manage the hands-on experience under the new name, Roer’s Zoofari, so that visitors can experience wildlife and animals close by. Currently, they are preparing new hands-on experiences and wildlife experiences for visitors. The new Roer’s Zoofari … Read more

Why Are Zoos a Good Thing?

According to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, around 800,000 animals are cared for in facilities. Often, we see that zoos get a bad rep by the press due to claims of mistreatment of animals. However, many of these facilities hold animals that may not have had a fair chance in the wild. Zoos play … Read more

What Are the Free Days at Brookfield Zoo?

There are so many zoos with similar and varied offerings across America. Would you like to see dolphins in action, ice-age giants, or maybe some cute little animals you can interact with? You get that and a whole lot more when you spend a day at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois. And even better, … Read more

Do Zoos Take in Injured Animals?

This is a complex question. But ultimately, yes, zoos strive to create habitats that will create environments where animals can be cared for. That is their ultimate mission. For reputable zoos, this is something that they focus on every day. In order to achieve that mission, zoos employ professionals that have animal science and other … Read more