The 10 Largest Deserts on Earth

It is undeniable that deserts are among the most fascinating splendors of mother nature. As most people commonly know, a desert is characterized by extremely low rainfall levels throughout the year, and it is expected to be a hot and sandy region. However, there are also cold deserts which are also known as polar deserts. … Read more

How Long Does Nature Stone Last?

Flooring upgrades are some of the most common home improvement projects, with so many beautiful flooring finishes to consider. One popular option is called Nature Stone, an American brand created in 1989 by Russell Masetta. By blending natural color stones with a special epoxy, Masetta achieved a welcome alternative to uneven or easily damaged concrete … Read more

How Much Is Slate Worth?

Slate is a type of rock that is used for a variety of purposes. It is the most commonly used roofing material but has many other applications. So, you may be wondering if slate has any value? Slate ranges in price, but on average, slate costs $100 per square foot. However, rare slate colors such … Read more

Can Crystals Start Fires?

Perhaps you’re thinking of hanging up your favorite crystal dream catcher, or maybe you want to display your dazzling crystal collection in front of your window. If any of these are true, you might be wondering, “Can crystals start fires?” We’ll be addressing that commonly asked question and other related questions in this article. But … Read more

Are Fingernails Biodegradable?

It’s common knowledge that the bodies of all living creatures break down naturally after death. When exposed to bacteria and other living organisms, this process happens even faster. Accordingly, bodies, in general, are considered biodegradable. But does this apply to all body parts, even those that are considered “sturdier” compared to others? What about fingernails? … Read more

How Do I Save My Crepe Myrtle from Dying?

You can save a crepe myrtle from dying by managing it the way you would other trees or large shrubs and start with some pruning. You can start by simply removing anything that appears dead, like branches, leaves, and any twigs that appear to be done. Weaker twigs and branches should also be removed, and … Read more

Was Hurricane Rita Worse Than Katrina?

Hurricanes are one of the deadliest weather events, with damaging winds, heavy rain, and severe thunderstorms all at the same time. There have been over 300 hurricanes off the U.S. Atlantic Coast since 1850, and two of the biggest were Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Katrina. While Hurricane Rita is known as the most intense tropical … Read more