Can an Eagle Look Directly into the Sun?

Can an eagle look directly into the sun? It’s a question that scientists for years have debated. Some say that eagles can look directly at the sun without any harm, while others believe it could potentially damage their eyesight. An Eagle can look directly into the sun because its eye is built differently from humans. … Read more

85 Australian Animals You Should Know

Australia is home to some of the most interesting and unique animals on the planet. From the kangaroo to the platypus, there are 85 different Australian animals you should know about! However, not all these animals are living; some are extinct. Australia is known for having one of the harshest climates, and many animals don’t … Read more

How Did the Plains Indians Hunt Buffalo?

The Plains Indians used three methods to hunt bison (often referred to as buffalo), and those included buffalo jumping, the buffalo impound, and horse-mounted buffalo jumping. These were the primary methods of buffalo hunting throughout the late 1700s and through the late 1800s. Most buffalo hunting strategies employed by the Plains Indians and indigenous populations … Read more

Do Cats Prefer Bowls or Plates?

When we get a new kitten or adopt an older feline friend, we take great strides to ensure that they have the things that will make them comfortable, happy, and healthy. This may mean getting toys, a comfy bed, and a scratching post to take care of their claws. These good intentions also mean that … Read more

Why Are Deer Flies Attracted to Blue?

From hiking to fishing, biking to swimming, fresh air fun can be enjoyable for people of all ages. While outdoor activities are popular worldwide, one common annoyance is insects that buzz around and bite. Deer flies are a prime example, as these blood-sucking pests target humans and animals. One interesting fact about deer flies is … Read more

Do Grasshoppers Drink Water?

Despite their tiny size, grasshoppers play a huge role in our ecosystem by contributing to plant decomposition and growth and creating a balance between the kinds of plants that grow. Grasshoppers may be known to humans as garden pests, but we can’t ignore the fact that they also facilitate the growth of plants, allowing the … Read more

Which Sharks Can Live in Freshwater?

In the shark world, freshwater species are a rarity. On the entire planet, there are only a few species of freshwater shark. Freshwater settings like lakes and rivers are home to these unusual creatures. Given the lack of salinity in freshwater, it is extremely difficult for sharks that have developed in saltwater to adapt to … Read more