The 8 Most Famous Serial Killers from Washington

With nearly three hundred serial-related murders in Washington’s history, it is terrifying to think about how many serial killers have called the state home.  Some of these serial killers were caught early on before they could do severe damage to the community, but others managed to keep their identities under wraps for years, and they … Read more

Can a Gift Deed Be Revoked in Texas?

The answer to this question is straightforward. No. Once a gift deed is given to someone in Texas it cannot be revoked. Once the gift is given, it is the sole property of the person who received the gift deed, also known as the “donee”. That being said, there are cases where the gift deed … Read more

How Long Is a Life Sentence in New York?

Crime is an unfortunate part of reality across the globe. From ancient civilizations through to modern day, crime has remained a concern, although it has been dealt with very differently as civilizations were established and populations grew. Today, people who commit illegal activities such as theft, assault, and murder are subject to imprisonment when found … Read more

The 30 Most Beautiful States in America

A country as large as the United States is bound to have a cornucopia of breathtaking scenery, and you’ll find something special in every single state in the country. From the snowy mountain peaks in Washington to the white sandy shores of Florida and everywhere in between, “America the Beautiful” is more than just a … Read more

Can You Notarize on Sunday in New York?

There are some documents that must be signed and notarized by a notary public in the presence of witnesses to be considered valid. These documents can include affidavits, deeds for property, and wills. Others can include contracts and financial agreements or arrangements. The question of whether a document can be notarized on Sunday in New … Read more

The 20 Largest Cities in Europe in 1900

Europe accounts for 11% of all continents’ total population and has been growing increasingly every year. It is the third most populated continent with almost 750 million people, falling behind Africa and Asia. In 1900, Europe was the second-largest continent by population with 406 million people. It is shown that the population nearly doubled due … Read more

Which Celebrities Live in Idaho?

There are many celebrities that live in Idaho, including Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis. Some celebrities have been born in Idaho or came from Idaho, and now live there or have a seasonal home there. It is not difficult to find celebrities in every industry living and working out of the Gem State. There are … Read more