What Is a Rolling Backpack?

Rolling backpacks are commonly seen in school hallways, from elementary to post-secondary. Some people find this inconvenient and would prefer that people merely carry their backpacks instead. Rolling backpacks, also called roller backpacks, are even seen as outdated or uncool by college students. On the other hand, some students and even employees, see roller backpacks … Read more

6 Things You Can Do with Old Broken Backpacks

Old and broken backpacks seem like they should just be tossed out, but that’s not always the case. Worn-out backpacks can actually have a few different uses. You may be wondering, what can you do with old, broken backpacks? Broken-down backpacks can be repaired, recycled, or disposed of. If the backpack is in decent condition, … Read more

How Often Does the Average American Travel?

When it comes to vacation time, you had better be sure that the average American will use up their paid days off. According to an AAA Travel survey, at least 40% of Americans take one vacation annually. That equals around 100 million people, and at least 28% of those people will end up taking at … Read more

What Attracts Tourists?

Most of us have been a tourist at some point in our lives. Whether our trips have involved finding our way through the corridors of the Louvre, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, enjoying a sunset cruise by the Taj Mahal, riding camels around the ancient pyramids, or waterfall jumping in Bali, we know that travel and … Read more

The 10 Largest States in the U.S. (by Area)

Some of the biggest U.S. States are so large that they could have been countries themselves. Covering impressive amounts of land, they are often some of the most visited states in the U.S. given the number of natural attractions you can find within their borders. Some of these states boast highly populated cities as well … Read more

The 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in October

When you want to escape the Northern hemisphere’s colder months, you need to head south – who wants to spend their honeymoon shivering up north? Enjoy exotic (and warm!) destinations with your partner at one of the following renowned locations that are perfect for a honeymoon in October. 1. Seychelles When many people picture their … Read more

The 21 Different Types of Tourists

There are different types of tourists around the world. These tourists typically specialize in a single type of tourism such as cultural holidays so they can be easily categorized. While many tourists are generally interested in multiple aspects of holidaying, some simply prefer to stay in line with very specific interests as follows. 1. Adventure … Read more