The 6 Different Types of Islands

When you think about an island, visions of white sand beaches, tropical climates, and coconuts may be among the first things that come to mind. But the term “island” refers to any piece of land that is surrounded by water, and there are thousands of islands located all around the world.  Islands can be small … Read more

Which Island in Hawaii is the Cheapest to Live In?

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places to visit in North America, with its amazing beaches and superb sunshine. It’s a great place for a vacation – but living there is an even better dream. If you plan on relocating to Hawaii, you’ll have to consider each island’s safety, cost of living, housing, utility, … Read more

The 20 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Dreaming of planning a beautiful island destination vacation but not sure where to go or where to start? With the earth covered in almost 75% of water, there are thousands of beautiful island destinations to choose from, all it takes is deciding what you’re looking for and be prepared to have your mind blown by … Read more