What Is the Biggest Mall in America?

For years, visiting shopping malls has been a favorite pastime for people of various ages and races. While many people shop, others use it to meet and hang out with friends or to just wander and window shop and eat at the food court. Others search for bargains, while others shop as a form of … Read more

What Is the Biggest Mall in Columbus, Ohio?

The biggest mall in Columbus, Ohio is the Easton Town Center and includes over 1.6 million square feet of retail locations, a movie theater, and dining. The city of Columbus has a population of just over 800,000 people, and approximately 13 to 15 colleges and universities in or around it. As an industrial and university … Read more

The 30 Biggest Malls in the World

If you’ve ever stepped inside a mega-mall, you know what an overwhelming experience it can be. After all, these enormous malls are like small communities; they offer a wide range of services in a single space. Shopping is just a small part of the experience – visitors come to dine, meet friends, and experience some … Read more