15 Best Things To Do In Jackson (Tennessee)

Jackson is located 70 miles away from Memphis, in Tennessee. For a small city with a population of just over 60.000, Jackson has plenty to offer. From great shopping spots to historic cathedrals, there are plenty of things to do here even for tourists who plan to stay here for a few days.

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15. Solve mysteries at the Jackson Escape Rooms

Escape room games are a fun way to spend your time with friends or family in a new city. There’s an escape room game in Jacking. The Jackson Escape Rooms are located conveniently so you can drive and park next to the location. 4 rooms await your mystery-solving skills here.

Most of these rooms should be able to get away from in about 15 minutes if you’re in there with your friends. Both fun and great for bonding with friends or family, this place is ideal for up to 4 mysteries that require plenty of attention to detail.

14. See a real winery

Did you know there’s a winery in Jackson? This small city offers a true understanding of what goes into making tasty wine. The Century Farm Winery is known for its award-winning wines and as a place for couples or anyone who wants a romantic atmosphere and to drink good wines.

The winery is small compared to national standards, but this also means it’s not as busy as others. Most of those who’ve been here have seen the winery on a group tour. But you can also book a private tour which should make the whole experience even more special.

13. Shop for antiques at The Butler’s Antique Mall

Image: Facebook / Butlers Antique Mall

Antiques are very popular in Tennessee. People come to the Butler’s Antique Mall from all over the state in pursuit of the next best deal. This shop is ideal for all of those seeking to buy a distinct souvenir as well. You don’t need to collect antiques to find something of interest here.

One of the pieces that always seem to be in stock here is represented by old chess boards. New chess boards are in better condition but they lack historic value and often the intriguing design of the old chess boards. You can find yours on the next Jackson visit.

12. Take the kids to a railroad museum

The museum and the restaurant at the Casey Jones Home & Railroad Museum in Jackson is often the first stop for food and tales of a local hero. Old trains fans are going to fall in love with this location.

There are multiple areas to visit featuring old trains. Inside the main building, you will find a restaurant with typical Tennessee food and delicious ice cream.

11. See a historic distillery

Image: Facebook / Samuel T Bryant Distillery LLC

Tennessee is certainly known for its rich whisky history. The Samuel T Bryant Distillery LLC is located in Jackson and it offers great tours for groups and couples. Ideally, those visiting the place would come by taxi as whiskey tasting is among the top things to do here.

There’s also food to be enjoyed here and the premises feel somewhat relaxed compared to downtown Jackson.

10. Get healthy food at the farmer’s market

Some of the best food can be purchased at the local food market. The West Tennessee Jackson food market is one of the best places to visit when you love fresh healthy foods.

You can also enjoy classic burgers here. However, most locals make their way to the food market to purchase goods to last up to a week. They buy a few days’ supplies of vegetables such as chili, potatoes, and corn.

9. Attend a baseball game at the Jackson Ballpark

Image: PxHere

Minor league baseball is alive and well in Jackson. The Ballpark arena of the city features around 6.000 seats and it regularly holds baseball games as the stadium is owned by the municipality. This small stadium is easy to access as its located close to the interstate.

Next to Interstate 40, you find this modern baseball field. While small in capacity compared to major league baseball grounds, it still offers one of the best locations to see live baseball as it can be difficult to find tickets for a Major League Baseball game.

By attending a minor league baseball game, you also support kids to get into the sport and keep practicing. It’s often these small stadiums that kids get to see when they try out the sport for the first time.

With a field size of 330 feet, kids feel the adrenaline of a true baseball arena. For adults, this can also be a fun arena to visit. While small, it took $8 million to build the Jackson Ballpark.

8. Have an Italian dinner at the Olive Green Restaurant

Image: Unsplash

Italian food is very popular in Jackson. The Olive Green restaurant and most other restaurants around it are all serving Italian food. This restaurant is mainly known for its pizza and pasta. You can even enjoy delicious fresh-made pasta here.

The Olive Green Restaurant also has outdoor seating. Unlike most other restaurants in the area, it feels more like a premium dining location through its excellent garden space. If you’re traveling to Jackson during the summer, you might be lucky enough to find a free table for a romantic dinner in the garden here.

As there are multiple Olive Green restaurants, not all of them are the same. The Olive Green in Jackson is known for being cozy. This restaurant offers plenty of space for lounging. There’s even a sofa at the entrance. Then, Jackson’s Olive Green also has a large bar.

This is why this place can also be used as a perfect evening location to relax after a long day of visiting. You don’t need to serve food as long as you’re at the bar. But given its food is fresh and the staff is friendly as most reviews show, you can easily find a tasty meal here.

7. Go shopping at the Old Hickory Mall

Image: Pexels

Shopping might not come to mind when thinking about Jackson. But this small city has plenty to offer even for those who like to get gifts such as clothes and toys for their family while traveling.

Old Hickory Mall is an open-air shopping center. While it doesn’t resemble a classic mall, it has plenty of stores to shop at.

The top aspect of shopping here includes plenty of open-air social distancing and plenty of parking spaces. Unlike shopping malls in nearby Memphis, it’s a lot easier to find the right parking space here.

It’s also a lot easier to find the right combination of shops without having to travel the streets of an unknown city.

6. Go on a romantic walk in Muse Park

Image: Unsplash

Jackson has a few parks within the city and a few parks just outside the downtown area. If you don’t feel like driving for too long or even if you feel like walking to and in a park, the city’s Muse Park is the right choice. Small but full of character, this park is ideal for couples.

There are high trees, pathways, and a few attractions in the park. A large Roman-themed fountain inspires tourists to take photos here. Most locals come here for walks and to get away from the polluted streets of the city or the nearby interstate.

5. Discover your rock music passion at the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame

Image: Unsplash

Rock and roll have their place in the history of Tennessee. As much of the US, the state fell in love with rock music as soon as it was heard on the radio. This museum welcomes those who love rock music with memorabilia from some of the greatest of the genre including Elvis Presley, Carl Mann, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

This museum is categorized as a specialty museum. It’s mainly recommended for rock fans as other music genre fans aren’t going to be tempted to spend a few hours here. The main drawback of the museum is that it’s run by a single person, being a private museum.

This means visiting hours can be limited. On some days, the museum can even be closed. However, you might stop by for a couple of hours when passing through Jackson.

4. Get into movies at Rusty’s TV and Movie Car Museum

Image: Facebook / Rusty’s TV and Movie Car Museum

Cars from movies are remembered by everybody. This is what makes this museum and experience so unique. As soon as you step inside, you will see all types of vehicles resembling those infamous movies.

A few cars here have been seen in the Fast and Furious series. Others have been seen in the Ghostbusters classic. Some cars have even been seen in cartoons. The van from Scooby-Doo is also present at the museum.

The most attractive side of the museum is just how it caters to different age groups. From kids to adults, it seems the cars here attract all ages. This is why this can be the best thing to do in Jackson when traveling with kids.

You can take your family to see these cars so that you can recognize a few of them from your favorite movies. Kids can also have fun recognizing vehicles from famous cartoons here as well.

One of the most popular photo sights in the museum is the small green Mini car. This car has been made famous by the Mr. Bean series. The little car has made history as the TV series was soon updated to a cartoon series that made the little ones giggle every Saturday morning.

You can have your photo taken in front of this iconic mini car which was used in TV series that you might have watched yourself, as a parent as well.

3. Go on a walk at Cypress Grove Nature Park

Image: Unsplash

The best day spent outdoors in Jackson is a day spent at the Cypress Grove Nature Park. This is the ideal place to visit with the family when the weather is perfect. Designed with woodland, viewing spots, lakes, and birdcages, it can offer plenty to see.

As you begin walking its trails, the park takes you along some of the most magnificent birds in captivity here. You can see owls and eagles on a daily basis in the park. You can also reach a remote lake secluded by the woodland. With a mysterious character, the Cypress Grove Nature Park has a different vibe than Jackson’s Muse Park.

2. Relax at the Sculley Golf Course & Driving

Cypress Grove Nature Park is situated outside Jackson. You will need to drive to get there but you can also walk for half an hour to get to the park. If you are in the area for a few more hours, you can also cross the street and reach the Sculley Golf Course.

This golf course is small but also affordable. Tourists who’ve never played golf are known to stop by and try the sport themselves. Those visiting Cypress Grove Nature Park in the morning can also play golf in the afternoon at this affordable golf course.

1. Get energized at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Image: Facebook / Sky Zone

Getting to jump around in a trampoline park is one of the most fun experiences for children and adults. Jackson has its own large Sky Zone Trampoline Park where you can enjoy a day with high energy, smiles, and plenty of family fun.

Jumping on the trampolines inside the park is a fun activity on its own. But there are also plenty of games you can play at the park when you’re bored of simply jumping up and down. You can even exercise backflips here as there are plenty of sponge-filled areas where you can jump around with the kids.

At the moment, the park runs under strict regulations in terms of the maximum number of players allowed inside the park at any given moment. This is why it’s ideal to book a place in the park for your friends and family by calling in advance.