25 Different Types of Travel

Traveling is highly customizable. All of the different types of travel can be considered when holidaying alone, with friends or family. Travel is all about exploration, discovery, and relaxation.

But not all types of travel combine all of these elements. Some types of travel such as luxury travel are specifically made for pampering while other holidaying types are all about fun with friends.

Here are the most popular types of travel.

Table of Contents

1. Adventure travel

Adventure travel is one of the first types of experiences considered by active people with a free spirit. All types of adventures can be experienced around the world and many can simply be the reason for travel in the first place.

For example, some of the best adventure travel destinations are bungee jumping in China and Southeast Asia. Tall bridges, great companies, and plenty of other adventure-seekers are typically seen here.

The main benefit of adventure travel is that it satisfies the need for active travel. Adventure isn’t found locked in a beach resort for days and weeks. It is found by going out, exploring, and trying new things in new places.


  • One of the least boring types of travel
  • Plenty of adventures to choose from even in remote locations
  • Suitable for solo and group travelers


  • Often includes multiple connecting flights

2. All-girls vacation

The classic all-girls vacation is one that is highly popular even today. It involves a group of girls, typically siblings or friends traveling together. Many of these vacations involve traveling to popular holiday destinations such as islands, resorts, or large cities.

Girls travel together for fun and safety reasons. Many of these groups can even book flights and accommodation together for a discounted rate. Fun, meeting new people, and seeking new places are among the main benefits of such vacations. Girls traveling together also develop stronger bonds and memories to last a lifetime.

Some of the most popular all-girl travel destinations include Paris and Rome. These historic cities have plenty to offer from classic architecture to good food or even to top fashion stores to shop at. Girls won’t need more reasons to choose such a destination.


  • Plenty of destinations to choose from throughout the year
  • It develops strong friendships
  • The option to seek discounted accommodation rates


  • Typically harder to stick to a planned itinerary

3. Back to the roots travel

Western cultures are more diverse today than ever. This develops a new type of travel for those who want to discover their roots. Traveling back to the roots is a type of travel that involves self-discovery. Second, third, and later generation migrants are typically those who are typically traveling back to their families’ country of origin.

One of the best parts about this type of travel is that it can seem familiar through cultural references, even when far from home. Many go back to their countries to see the way of life of their parents and grandparents.

They might even meet up with old relatives and see the places family seniors used to live in. For most of them, this is the time to get a better understanding of their identity which can be interpreted as a self-discovery or growth type of travel as well.


  • It involves a deep cultural immersion
  • A type of travel typically for families
  • It can feel deeply personal


  • It normally involves taking a long flight

4. Backpacking trip

Backpackers are some of the happiest travelers even if most are on a budget. A backpacking trip is typically a bit more affordable and still culturally rich. Many backpackers sleep in hostels where they pay less and earn more.

Backpacking travel is typically popular with young travelers. Both solo and group travelers can go backpacking. Popular backpacking destinations include Europe and Southeast Asia. Other popular destinations are Australia, South Africa, and parts of South America.

It’s generally considered an adventurous type of travel but backpacking can also be relaxing. One of the main advantages of this type of holiday is that travelers are often going at their own pace, with no set itinerary to follow.

Unlike guided travel, backpackers prefer to map out their attractions and activities they want to have while traveling. As a result, most backpackers are typically seeing more of what they feel attracted to rather they simply visiting attractions and doing things mapped out by a travel company.


  • Great for solo and group travelers
  • A bit more affordable than other forms of travel
  • Backpacking trips can be organized in nearly any country


  • Not the most glamorous type of travel

5. Business travel

Business travel is not the time to relax but it’s the time to work. People travel for different reasons and in most cases, it’s all about the work. This type of travel can last from 1 day up to a few weeks, depending on what you need to take care of.

Attending a conference is a type of business travel. But many professionals on a business trip are typically staying for multiple days so they have the time to work deeply on one or multiple projects.

Business travel is seen both inside the country and abroad. Almost all business travel costs are covered by the employer. This involves flight tickets, gas, meals, and accommodation.

Business travel expenses can be high and in most cases, there’s no flexibility for things such as travel dates and the proximity of the accommodation. At the same time, the reward is getting the job is done which can earn the employer more money in the future.


  • It has a professional profile
  • Ideal for suits and formal outfit lovers
  • It can be a type of travel that develops new skills such as better communication


  • There’s limited to no time for visiting and sightseeing

6. Camping travel

Camping is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature. Busy lifestyles, constant stress, and the high rises of large cities often make people disconnected from nature.

This is where the new type of camping travel emerged from. People want to stay in nature and take part in outdoor activities with this type of travel.

There are few drawbacks to camping travel as this is one of the ideal types of holidays to consider for better health, improved mood, and even for extra fun. From groups to families and even solo campers, there are plenty of great destinations to choose from around the world.

Nature is diverse and camping travelers are some of the most blessed holidaymakers when it comes to the diversity of landscapes they can enjoy. It is also one of the cheapest types of travel which means campers are normally on holiday a bit more frequently than other types of travelers.


  • Ideal for outdoor adventures
  • A bit more affordable than other types of travel
  • One of the most health-beneficial forms of travel


  • It lacks luxury and sometimes basic amenities

7. City break travel

City break travel is ideal for all of those who like urban culture, culinary art, museums, concerts, sporting events, and other such events. Many of these are easily found in cities and the type of travel around these metropolitan areas has flourished over the past few decades.

New York City is one of the most sought after city break travel destinations. It offers a glimpse of the world through its diversity and people can easily come back and see more of the city with the next holiday.

Toronto is the most popular city break destination in Canada. People from all over the country come here to see some of the most important Canadian attractions, great markets, top restaurants, and even to stay here for a few days before departing to another country through one of Canada’s largest airports.

London, Berlin, and Paris are some of the most popular European city break destination cities. These cities offer a historic perspective that blends with the new for all types of tastes.

From famous landmarks to fun group activities, these large European cities are always busy on weekends when people have the free time to travel from other European countries or other continents.


  • Recommended for urban lifestyle fans
  • Great for shopping
  • Easy access to top amenities such as hotels and restaurants


  • Typically short as a city break lasts only a few days

8. Cruise travel

Cruise travel is ideal for sea fans and those who want to see exotic places. A typical cruise ship takes its travelers through different countries in trips that last weeks at a time. It features certain stops in port cities and it allows travelers to see some of the most attractive port cities around the world.

Some of the best cruise travel operators are known for offering all-inclusive services. Food, accommodation, and even drinks can be included in the price of the holiday. Port fees are typically excluded and extras such as spa or massage sessions might also be paid for separately.

However, cruise travel is one of the most relaxing means of travel. It offers great activities for seniors such as live bets, live music, and cooking classes. Cruise ships are typically large and most of them can come with a dedicated lounge and sunbathing areas for the ultimate relaxation holiday.


  • Ideal for relaxation
  • Plenty of food and drinks to choose from
  • Ideal to see exotic locations


  • Typically reserved to seniors

9. Event travel

Traveling for events is not unusual anymore. Large concerts, sporting events, gatherings such as business meetings, meeting family for Christmas, and other such events are perfect for traveling. One of the most important aspects of even travel is the event itself which dictates arrival and departure dates.

Your accommodation and eating plans are also shaped by this event. In some cases, you can find accommodation next to your event, such as when sleeping in a hotel in a financial district for business events.

A good reason to go on event holidays is for all of the fun things you can squeeze in alongside the main event. Apart from going to the main event, you can check out smaller events, local restaurants, or other fun activities.

Looking for guided tours can be a good way to meet others as well. Many event travelers can feel a bit isolated and meeting other fellow travelers is always a plus. Furthermore, the best way to travel for an event is to look at souvenirs and shopping you can do outside of the typical shops you have in the area where you live.


  • Ideal for short travel periods
  • High chances of meeting others attending the event
  • It typically requires a small budget


  • Not the freest time to see local attractions

10. Family vacation

Family vacations are ideal whole the kids are pre-teens. Children grow fast and real chances of bonding with them as parents tend to fade away rather quickly as most parents can attest.

Family vacations can be fun for everybody with the right planning. It is also the best time to create memories that last a lifetime.

Many families go on summer holidays together, particularly to the beach. Some families are inclined to travel during the winter as well, especially around Christmas time.

One of the best reasons to consider family vacation is the large choice of family-friendly holiday destinations. With the choice of Disneyland locations and plenty of family-friendly hotels growing each year, it seems there are a lot of great options to choose from.

A good family trip can also cost a lot. Buying plane tickets for all family members and booking apartment hotels can add up to the cost of the holiday. But saving a small amount each month for family holidays is the best way to financially afford such trips as groups each year.


  • Ideal for child-parent bonding
  • Fun locations to choose from
  • Plenty of discounts when booked in advance


  • Higher cost than other types of travel

11. Gap year travel

One of the most interesting types of travel without a clear purpose is gap year travel. This is the year to find yourself, to learn new skills, or simply to experience a new culture. Everybody sees a gap year differently and this is why many youngsters even get a job during a gap year travel.

Taking a gap year is something many debates before but few regret after. This type of travel is generally the first experience with a new culture, a new country, new places, and new customs. It is the time to learn and to live, experiences that are typically postponed when going to college.

Popular gap year travel destinations are found around the world. Taking a gap year travel holiday to an English-speaking country is very common. Going to Canada, Australia, or to the UK is a route many gap year travelers feel comfortable with.

Some of the most daring gap year travelers go to non-English speaking countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, or even India. As one of the most populous countries in the world, India has multiple cultures and it offers a new type of experience around the corner regardless of the type of travel experience you want to have.


  • Ideal for self-discovery
  • Typically easier in English-speaking countries
  • It can last up to a year


  • Usually expensive for students

12. Group travel

Group travel is fun, adventurous, and never boring. Traveling in groups of a minimum of 3 people to groups of tens is always seen around the world. Group travel is specific both to the youth and to senior travelers. There’s typically an itinerary to follow and things to experience as a group.

Higher safety is one of the main advantages of group travel, even in remote places. Some destinations are so remote that only group visitors are allowed. Take Bedouin camping as an example. Camping out in the middle of the desert is a type of experience normally reserved for groups.

Another aspect of group traveling is the friendships and communication skills developed during the holiday. Meeting new people and getting to know how other travelers think can even be considered an educational experience.

Group travel destinations can be found in almost every country. From large cities to countryside destinations, there are plenty of group travel destinations to consider. As an organizer of group travel, you can frequently ask for discounts for meals and accommodation.

Another good reason to go with a group is when you need help. An unskilled hike is always going to be safer in the first outdoor expeditions with skilled hikers than going at it alone. The same applies to almost anything you might need during your holidays such as gear or medication.


  • Typically based on an itinerary
  • Fun and recommended to meet new people
  • Made for travelers of all ages


  • Difficult to organize

13. Luxury travel

Some of the most pampering experiences can be enjoyed with luxury travel. This type of travel is both organized and made by a traveler’s itinerary. The idea of luxury travel mostly involves checking into a resort or a luxury hotel with all types of included extras such as meals and drinks.

Luxury travel involves relaxing at spas, having a massage, taking a helicopter ride, or simply enjoying a break in some of the most remote exotic islands in the world.

This type of travel isn’t affordable. Its luxury appeal mainly comes from the exclusive form of holidaying. It can be the type of travel to consider if you want to be alone with your partner, without noisy children or too many other people around you to disturb your peace.

Luxury travel destinations can offer all types of services which can even include transportation. Some of the most prestigious luxury resorts in the world arrange airport pick-up, airport drop-off, day breaks, and plenty of other fun activities for their guests.

This type of holiday is typically enjoyed in warm climates but it can also be seen in some of the cooler temperature countries of the Northern Hemisphere.


  • Ideal for relaxation
  • Highly exclusivist by nature
  • The best time to sample the finest foods and destinations


  • Not the most affordable type of travel

14. Package holiday travel

Those who don’t like to worry about the logistics of a holiday can choose one of the package deals offered by travel agents. These deals include accommodation, meals, and travel arrangements. You book a package holiday to resorts or to places where only certain tour operators have access.

Popular package holidays are offered to the Maldives, Cancun, or Turkey destinations. They are similar to all-inclusive deals where you get all of the basics covered without having to spend extra.

These holidays can be expensive or affordable, depending on the type of travel you’re after. For example, cheap family package holidays are typical in popular beach or mountain resorts. You can arrange such travel for your entire family without having to purchase tickets for each family member and then worrying about finding local restaurants or local transportation.

Package holidays can also be expensive and exclusivist. Organized package holidays beyond the Arctic Circle are an example that these types of escapes aren’t always cheap. But they also show package holidays can be very specialized, which is always fun and adventurous.


  • Ideal for busy travelers
  • Made for solo travelers and families
  • Available in both cheap and luxurious packages


  • Little room for flexibility with accommodation

15. Road trip

Road trips are the best holidays for those who love driving and creating their itinerary. This type of travel has been around since the invention of motorized vehicles, and probably even sooner.

You typically go on a road trip with one or multiple cars, by yourself, with friends or family. A rod trip is a chance to travel long distances and see everything you can see until you reach your destination.

Route 66 and Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’ are some of the most popular road trips in the world. If you want to drive across the US, Route 66 is one of the most popular roads you can consider. Connecting the East Coast to the West Coast, this popular route is one with many legends. A good car is crucial for this trip as you will cover more than 2.600 miles.

But a road trip doesn’t have to take weeks to qualify as a road trip. You can even have a 1-day road trip which involves driving a car or an RV to a destination and returning home later in the evening.

The best way to enjoy a road trip is to look for new driving locations or to check new attractions whenever you are driving on a route you’re already familiar with.


  • Generally affordable
  • Travelers can stop at various points along the trip
  • Easy to travel in small groups


  • It can get tiresome without only one designated driver

16. Romantic gateway

One of the most impressive types of travel for couples is the romantic gateway. This is the ideal time when you can reconnect to your partner and travel at the same time. The romantic gateway is the perfect opportunity to experiences new things as a couple.

Most romantic gateways can be organized anywhere around the world. From the classic travel holiday to Paris to the most idyllic Maldives escape, couples can book a holiday for two easily.

A romantic gateway is typically enjoyed at a slower pace. It’s rare to see these types of holidays packed with attractions and multiple stops.

Instead, a romantic gateway involves paying more attention to dinner time, romantic accommodation, and possibly to romantic activities such as walks, train rides, or couple’s classes. You can easily add more activities to these holidays after discussing them with your partner.

By definition, romantic holidays might involve traveling. Couples who organize their travel always look for plane seats that are next to each other, which might be more expensive with some travel companies.

Others who buy package romantic gateway travels don’t need to worry about the organizational part of the trip.


  • Ideal for newlyweds and other couples
  • Generally relaxing even in short travel periods
  • Fun to plan


  • Some popular destinations as Paris can seem expensive

17. Siblings vacation

Traveling with siblings isn’t new. But this type of travel can be ideal for siblings that are already adults and who know life isn’t going to allow them to travel easily again as each of the siblings gets married.

Young siblings can travel around the world together but they can also travel with their families once they’ve settled into family life.

One of the ideal ways to travel for siblings is by choosing a destination that is fun for everybody. This can include traveling inside of the country or abroad. The best part is this type of travel is highly beneficial asides from what you get to visit and experience.

Siblings are naturally close to each other and this type of experience can bring them even closer. For most, the fun of planning and simply going to a certain destination can be more intense than reaching that destination. Siblings can benefit from group travel discounts.

Most importantly, siblings can plan different accommodation options group traveling with strangers don’t offer. The same versatility is seen in the travel itinerary which tends to be a bit stricter in group holidays.


  • Excellent and rare siblings bonding time
  • The possibility to go anywhere


  • There’s no room for friends or relatives in the group

18. Slow travel

Slow travel is a new concept that involves spending more time in one or multiple places. Typically seen as a cultural experience, slow travel represents an opportunity to see and experiences things and places that a normal tourist wouldn’t.

This involves eating at different places, typically with the locals, or visiting new places that aren’t among the top must-see tourist attractions.

Slow travel is ideal for people who have the time and the desire to dig deep into a certain culture. This type of travel is mostly seen abroad. 1-month or 2-month trips to India are an example of how slow travel can look like.

During this time, travelers often interact with the locals and they can even stay with locals to get to know their way of life better.

Highly observational but still interactive, slow travel is an alternative to mass-level travel that puts a strain on the same resources, typically on large capital cities that get the most tourists.

When you have a month to spend in a country, you venture off the beaten path and away from the classic capital city destination holiday.


  • The perfect cultural exchange experience
  • Recommended for solo travelers or small groups
  • It takes travelers to new destinations tourists don’t typically see


  • It requires more free travel time

19. Solo travel

Solo travel has exploded in popularity mainly due to busy lifestyles that rarely allow groups to take the time to travel together. While it was a bit strange to see solo travelers before, these types of travelers are now constantly seen among the crowds in popular destinations around the world.

Solo traveling involves a level of adventure and a general self-drive to do things properly without asking for too much help. Almost all solo travelers know what to pack, where to go, which transport solution to rely on and how to get around in the city or location of their choice.

This makes solo travelers some of the most self-driven travelers and certainly good group leaders for when they decide to travel in groups.

Solo travel destinations are typically found in safe countries where an individual on his on the street is not under imminent threat. This type of travel requires proper planning but with a bit of work ahead, it can be highly rewarding.

The benefits of solo travel include checking all of the landmarks and attractions you want to see without skipping any of them. It also involves eating the food you want without sacrificing what the group wants.

One of the best parts of solo travel is that it forces you to interact and to communicate with locals, which is always a better way of traveling.


  • Ideal for motivated individuals
  • Perfect when you want to see specific attractions
  • Little dependence on a specific travel schedule


  • It can feel isolating at times

20. Staycation

A staycation involves staying at home and seeing the area where you live through the eyes of a tourist. Ideal when you’re on a tight budget, a staycation can be perfect to meet new locals, see new places, and enjoy new food locally.

Even those without a travel budget can enjoy a staycation. A bit simpler and better than a complex holiday with expensive air travel, it can be just the solution needed to rediscover the area where you live.

This is the perfect time to see new restaurants, new art exhibitions, visit local artists, and get involved in your community through the eyes of a tourist as if you would be seeing these things for the first time.

A Staycation is also popular during a pandemic lockdown when travel restrictions are the highest


  • Ideal for those without a traveling budget
  • It can help you rediscover local attractions
  • A type of holiday to consider for the entire family


  • It still can’t replace meeting new cultures

21. Student exchange

Traveling to become an exchange student is very popular today. The most famous student exchange program is EU’s Erasmus. This program allows students from any member state to live and study up to an academic year at another university in another country.

This is what separates the program from others by involving students from other cultures in the same field of study.

A student exchange program is ideal for those who want to seek academic excellence and to see how other peers work towards a similar career. It can also be a comparing experience to see how other professors teach and how they prepare students for the marketplace.

One of the perks of this type of travel is that it tends to get higher social, even for solo students as they meet other locals. Students interact through classes, volunteering, and even work which tends to open their minds to other cultures more than theoretical studies.


  • Ideal as a learning opportunity
  • Typically low cost
  • It improves language skills


  • Limited by the number of university places for exchange students

22. Summer travel

Summer travel is the most popular type of travel due to the perfect timing of free time and great weather. Almost all considerable travel happens during the summer or the ‘peak season’ as called by tour operators.

This is the ideal time to travel in groups or with children. Summer travel can involve a holiday of at least 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks on average. It involves going to a seaside resort or a mountain camp.

Summer travel can also incorporate all other forms of travel as most destinations become easier to see, even those in remote locations.

One of the biggest drawbacks of summer travel is the high prices. You pay more for airplane tickets and accommodation whenever the demand is the highest for these, such as in the summer. On the other hand, the warm sunny weather is ideal for all types of outdoor activities.


  • Suitable for groups and families
  • Ideal for long-distance traveling
  • It can last up to a few weeks


  • It tends to cost more than traveling outside the tourist season

23. Weekend travel

Those who don’t have the time to travel for a few weeks can look into weekend travel. This can be anything from a short road trip to a full 2-day city break. Weekend gateway travel is ideal for those who want multiple travel holidays throughout the year.

Most of these weekend holidays are limited by the space you can cover traveling. You can even fly to your destination but the flight should typically be short. 1 or 2-hour flights are ideal when you’re limited on time so that a few free hours remain to visit and to enjoy your destination.


  • Compatible with busy lifestyles
  • They aren’t as expensive as a full travel experience that lasts weeks
  • Ideal for solo travelers, couples, and small groups


  • Limited by the proximity of the destinations

24. Winter travel

All of those who love the winter season can’t wait for the perfect opportunity to travel even during snowfall. Winter travel is ideal for skiing and snowboarding fans.

This is the time to look into ski resort holidays and for the opportunities to spend time outdoors enjoying other winter sports.

Winter travel has its drawbacks, such as its reliance on perfect flying weather. Airplane departure delays are frequent during the wintertime when too much snow can cause travel chaos. On the other hand, wintertime travel can also come with lower prices for certain destinations.


  • Perfect for skiing fans
  • Plenty of great destinations to choose from
  • It can be a bit more affordable than summertime traveling


  • High risk of bad weather

25. Work and travel

Work and travel is a special experience that offers a limited-time opportunity to work in a given country that would otherwise be inaccessible. The US runs the most popular work and travel program which sees students and youth work in the country on a visa for up to a year.

During this time, most of those on the program work in the hospitality industry where they earn a full wage. Those in the program also get a few weeks after their job is over to visit the country before the visa expires.

Ideal for the young who want to earn and still go abroad, work and travel programs are the primary type of travel to consider when on a limited budget.

While the jobs on offer on such programs are labor-intensive, it’s the best time to consider these jobs as a way to learn basic skills such as managing a monthly wage.


  • Simplified visa process
  • Plenty of hospitality jobs to choose from
  • The opportunity to earn while traveling


  • Reduced chances of securing a high-paying job