The 6 Best Indoor Waterparks In Ohio

Waterparks have been around since the 1940s and continue to get more popular year by year. The United States has in total over 1000 waterparks. This includes both indoor and outdoor. And we are seeing more water parks opening each year.

Each water park has it’s own unique theme and feels. This is usually based on its surroundings or the community it’s near. One of the reasons they are so popular is that they aren’t seasonal, unlike other attractions. They are open all year round no matter what the weather is outside.

Indoor water parks didn’t come to prominence however until the early 1980s. The Polynesian Resort Hotel built the first indoor water park in the US in 1994. However today we are going to focus specifically on Ohio.

Because of how popular waterparks have become that’s why we’re doing a top 6. We’ve gone through the state and found the top 6 indoor waterparks. Each of them is on this list for their special reasons. So if you’re a fan of waterparks and/or have been wondering where your nearest waterpark is, read on.

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6. Castaway Bay

Image: Cedar Fair Entertainment Company

This indoor waterpark is the closest to Cedar Point. And this waterpark does have it all. Inside the park, you will find 7 different and thrilling water slides complemented with a huge water roller coaster.

If you fancy a bit of adrenaline why not hop in the wave pool they have there. Or if you simply want to relax they also have a hot tub for you to have a dip in. It does make for the perfect family day out. Nearly all of the water slides don’t have absurd height requirements.

Whilst at the same time abiding by health and safety. They go the extra mile in terms of health and safety by providing kids with life jackets. Giving parents peace of mind.

5. Kalahari Resort & Conventions

Image: Google / Kalahari Resorts

Of course, this waterpark had to appear on the list. Why? Because it’s the biggest indoor waterpark in the whole of the United States!

Located in Sandusky, Kalahari operates the most popular waterparks in the country. It does offer the whole package to those who visit it. As well as having thrilling waterslides there are spas and play areas for the kids as well.

Also, why not make a weekend out of it and stay in one of the luxury hotel rooms to wind down. And at night head out for a bite to eat. With plenty of different choices when it comes to dining.

4. Maui Sands Waterpark

Image: Maui Sands Resort

This waterpark is also located in Sandusky, the same place as it’s rival the Kalahari resort. In comparison to its competition, an experience at Maui Sands is more affordable.

The waterpark itself as you may have guessed by the name has adopted a Hawaiian theme. So what does the park has to offer you? Why not slide down the giant Maui Wowie Bowl slide which can see you traveling down at speeds of up to 45mph.

Or why not climb up to the Maka Maka treehouse? A fun hub full of activities to experience which includes water cannons and a climbing rope. And to make it stand out, it even has it’s own whirlpool!

3. Splash Cincinnati Indoor Water Park

Image: Ramda Plaza Cincinnati Sharonville

This 100% indoor waterpark is the only one located in the city of Cincinnati. Spread over a staggering 50,000 square feet, it is bursting to the seams with fun and excitement.

It is perfect to visit all year round maintaining a constant temperature of 84 degrees. Meaning it won’t be too cold in the winter or too warm in the summer! The water slides inside this waterpark stretch to over 4 stories! That’s the average house stacked on top of another.

If you fancy a change from the water park there is also a gaming arcade. If you’re celebrating a special occasion there are also birthday packages if you want to make your experience extra special.

2. Comfort Inn & Suites Water Park

Image: Choice Hotels International

This waterpark here is just one part of the complex at Comfort Inn and Suites. It is situated near Kent University and has a hotel on site. Meaning you can make a weekend of it.

To experience the water park itself you need to be staying at the hotel. However, if you are a guest, you have unlimited access to the water park. This includes water slides, a river, and a waddling pool if you just want to relax.

Other activities at the complex apart from the indoor water park include a games room, an indoor heated swimming pool, and even a spa. And if you fancy yourself as an avid golfer there is also a putting green at the hotel.

1. Kings Island Amusement Park

This thrilling indoor water park also is part of a larger complex. With Kings Island, you use to have to be a staying guest to enter. However, there are no day passes available if you just want to go there for the day.

Once inside the park, you’ll be blown away. There are a total of 11 different water slides, each offering their own unique experience. If you consider yourself a master of the seas there is also a wave pool. If you want to relax there are also 2 whirlpool spas inside the water park.

Other activities within the wider amusement park you can experience include mini-golf and bowling. It does make for the perfect family day out.

Experience them yourself!

As we’ve touched upon already one of the things that give indoor water parks the edge is that they can stay open all year round. But this has always been the case.

So why now are we starting to see a surge in popularity? Well as opposed to an outdoor water park, or going to the beach. indoor waterparks offer an element of safety. Many of the activities or smaller pools are designed to be child-friendly.

This is hugely attractive to parents. Advancements in technology have also meant that new experiences can be offered. Such as the wave pools that you can find in some of these water parks.