What Country Forms the Northeast Border of Spain?

Historical and beautiful Spain is a nation situated in the far southwestern region of Europe. It inhabits more than eighty percent of the Iberian Peninsula, an area it splits with Portugal. But what country borders the northeast of Spain, sitting all the way in the southwest? France sits at the northeast border of Spain with … Read more

The 30 Most Common Freshwater Fish of Spain

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, Spain is well-known for its saltwater fishing options. This colorful country is also home to a wide variety of freshwater fish – they swim in the Spanish rivers, delighting anglers from Catalunya to Andalusia. Many of Spain’s freshwater fish are anadromous, which means that they alternate … Read more

The 10 Highest Mountains in Spain

Spain is a country with an extremely diverse landscape, from wide-open plains and beautiful seascapes to sprawling cities and towering mountain peaks. It may come as a surprise to some, but Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe, coming in second only to Switzerland.  The average altitude in Spain is 660 meters above … Read more

The Best Time to Visit Mallorca, Spain – and the Top Things to Do

The beautiful Mallorca (often spelled Majorca), is the largest of Spain‘s Balearic Islands with a classic Mediterranean climate. Experience the Mediterranean spirit through the island’s lifestyle and traditional cuisine. Mallorca is known for its sandy long beaches in the east in the Bay of Palma and the Bay of Alcudia, where coves of clear turquoise … Read more

The 15 Best Day Trips From Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a very lively city with a wide variety of things to see and do, but one of its best features is its prime location along the Mediterranean Sea. This entire region of Spain is overflowing with history and sandy shores, so don’t limit yourself to the city when it comes time to set … Read more

15 Best Day Trips from San Sebastian, Spain

Located in Basque Country, San Sebastian boasts life with its gorgeous beaches, exquisite cuisine, and its lively nightlife.  The options are endless, and, unlike most of Spain, it is a tourist hotspot all year round.  The unique experiences don’t end here though, if you marvel at all of what San Sebastian has to offer, then … Read more

The 10 Biggest Cities on the Costa Brava in Spain By Population

Regardless if you’re traveling from Barcelona or Perpignan, the biggest cities on Costa Brava aren’t far away. In a couple of hours, you can reach the picture-perfect area by car. One of the biggest issues for tourists is with local attractions, but there are plenty to consider even outside remote areas. Costa Brava cities are … Read more