The World’s 13 Largest Bauxite Producing Countries

Bauxite is a sedimentary rock that consists of hydrous aluminum oxides and was first discovered by Perre Berthe.

It is one of the main sources of aluminum, which is used for building and transportation, among other things.

Of all the bauxite production in the world, about 85% is turned into aluminum for various industrial purposes.

The world’s largest bauxite producing country is Australia, producing about 110,000 thousand tons per year.

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The 13 Largest Bauxite Producing Countries

NumberCountryBauxite Produced (in thousand tons)
11Saudi Arabia4,000

Here is the complete list of other major producers of bauxite in the world (ranked per thousand tons):

1. Australia – 110,000

bauxite Australia

Australia produced 110,000 thousand tons of bauxite in 2020, an increase from its 2019 production of 105,000.

The country has 5,100,000 bauxite reserves and bauxite import sources of 16%. Some of its major mining companies are located across the country, including South32 in Boddington, Alcoa in Huntly, and Rio Tinto Aluminum in Gove.

2. Guinea – 82,000

Guinea bauxite

Guinea is the second-largest bauxite producer in the world, producing 82,000 thousand tons in 2020.

In 2019, it previously produced only 67,000 thousand tons, a 15,000 increase. Moreover, the country also has 7,400,000 bauxite reserves.

3. China – 60,000

bauxite factory

The third-largest country producing bauxite is China, with 60,000 thousand tons produced in 2020. Bauxite production in China decreased over the years.

In 2019, the country produced 70,000 thousand tons. In addition, its bauxite reserves are about 1,000,000.

4. Brazil – 35,000


Brazil produced 35,000 thousand tons of bauxite in 2020 with bauxite reserves of 2,700,000.

The country is slowly increasing its production after a major bauxite mine was closed due to pipeline damage.

From 2016 to 2019, Brazil’s bauxite import sources was 11%.

5. Indonesia – 23,000


Indonesia increased its bauxite production from 17,000 in 2019 to 23,000 in 2020. Moreover, the country has 1,200,00 bauxite reserves which are mostly found in Riau Islands, the Bangka Belitung Islands, and West Kalimantan.

China is one of Indonesia’s bauxite exports.

6. India – 22,000

India's bauxite

India’s bauxite production had a slight decrease, from 23,000 in 2019 to only 22,000 in 2020. The country’s bauxite reserves are 660,000 or 660 million metric tons.

The largest bauxite mining company in India is Odisha, producing more than half of the total production.

7. Jamaica – 7,700

Jamaica produced 7,700 thousand tons of bauxite in 2020, which is a 1,320 decrease from 2019 production.

Its bauxite reserves are at 2,000,000, which are usually mined in Clarendon, St. Elizabeth, St. Ann, and Trelawny parishes.

Moreover, its 2016 to 2019 import sources were 37%.

8. Russia – 6,100


From 5,570 in 2019, Russia increased its bauxite production to 6,100 thousand tons in 2020.

It currently has 500,000 bauxite reserves which are mostly produced in Northern Urals, about 80% of the total production.

9. Kazakhstan – 5,800


Bauxite production in Kazakhstan remained constant, with a production of 5,800 thousand tons in 2019 and 2020.

The country has a total of 160,000 bauxite reserves. Bauxite production is operated by Krasno-Oktyabrskoye Group (KBRU) in Kostanay and Turgay Group (TBRU) mines in Amangeldinsky.

10. Vietnam – 4,000


Vietnam maintained its bauxite production from 2019 to 2020, having only 4,000 thousand tons.

The number of bauxite reserves in the country is about 3,700,00, which are mostly located in Tay Nguyen in Central Highlands.

11. Saudi Arabia – 4,000

Saudi Arabian Mining Co

Saudi Arabia produced 4,050 thousand tons in 2019 and lowered it to 4,000 tons in 2020.

A total of 190,000 is estimated to be the country’s bauxite reserves. MA’ADEN (Saudi Arabian Mining Co.) is a major bauxite mining company headquartered in Riyadh, which has also made a joint venture with Alcoa.

12. Greece – 1,800


Bauxite production in Greece is about 1,800 thousand tons. Bauxite reserves are estimated to be about 70Mt – making it the ninth-largest in the world, according to EURARE.

The places with the largest bauxite deposits are Mt Helikon, Mt Ghiona, and Mt Parnassus.

13. Guyana – 1,700


The 13th bauxite producer in the world is Guyana, with 1,700 thousand tons in 2020. The country considers itself to be the best in producing high-quality bauxite since it delivers non-metallurgical bauxite.

Moreover, Guyana is known to have 350 million tons of reserves of bauxite, with mining sites located in Georgetown, Linden, and Kwakwani.